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   Chapter 1244 Nonuple Isles

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The Middle World Waters was divided into three regions.

These regions were the outer ring region, the inner ring region, and the core region.

Moreover, each region was further divided into three layers.

In the sky above the vast sea surface, a warship was speeding through the rolling clouds.

Inside the enormous warship was a very wide and clean hall occupied by more than 500 people who were resting in it.

Among them was an old man in a green robe, and another one in a red robe. Both of them sat quietly in the hall.

Meanwhile, Austin casually found a place in one of the corners of the hall. There, he sat cross-legged and closed his eyes to refresh his spirit.

In many ways, the Middle World Waters seemed boundless. As a matter of fact, it was said to be even wider than the combined area of all four continents -- the east, south, west, and north continents -- of the Prime Martial World.

Thus, despite the immense speed at which the warship moved, it was still estimated that it would take them at least several days to reach the core area.

After spending a few hours aboard the warship, Austin noticed that there were more than a dozen spiritual senses that were always scanning over him either intentionally or unintentionally in the hall.

But what really bothered Austin was how all of those spiritual senses harbored malicious intentions and even some killing intent.

After getting this observation, Austin immediately used his own spiritual sense to get a better perception of the situation around him.

In no time, he was able to identify more than a dozen suspects through his spiritual sense force.

However, Austin seemed to have no clue as to who these people were for they looked quite unfamiliar to him.

Moreover, Austin found that these people were all deliberately hiding their true cultivation bases.

It seemed as if they were merely sending out fluctuations of vital energy force in the Heaven Realm.

What Austin knew was that since those people could recognize his true identity, then their cultivation bases were at least above the Primal Holy Realm.

This was because, at that moment, he not only changed his appearance, but also asked Violet to cast an illusion to change his spiritual soul aura.

'What exactly are the real identities of these people?' Austin thought to himself in great doubt.

After pondering for a moment, Austin felt that those people were most likely to be members from those large sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom whom he once had problems with.

Even though they were afraid of Godwin and would never dare to cause Austin any trouble squarely, they were, for sure, still racking their brains in search for all possible ways that they could kill Austin in private.

Austin immediately told the queen about the situation by sending her a message through his spiritual sense.

"Don't worry too much about it. Just be careful,"

the queen responded to Austin in a reassuring voice.

The queen was now at the preliminary stage of the Semi-holy Realm. Therefore, no matter where she went in the Prime Martial World, she definitely belonged to the top-master level.

Thus, because of her strength, she did not take what Austin said very seriously.

Isles first. Once they get a good grip of the situation, they will then make a final decision.

However, I think that in the end, a big war is bound to ensue,"

the middle-aged man in white said.

"Well, then we should also hurry to the Nonuple Isles.

When the time comes, let's just play it by ear,"

the old man in the green robe answered with a nod.

"Since all of you have also heard our conversation just now, your task is to get within the vicinity of the Nonuple Isles as soon as possible and join hands with the masters from the other three continents to strengthen our momentum, so that we may be able to contain the demon race's plans for the future.

Moreover, if you ever find yourselves in a battle against the masters of the demon race, you shall slay as many of them as possible.

Every time you slay one more master from the demon race, you will weaken the power of the entire demon race.

Sooner or later, a big war between our human cultivators in the Prime Martial World and the invading demon race is sure to ensue.

If we weaken the power of the demon race now, we will have a better chance of winning during that decisive battle.

Am I making myself clear?"

the old man in the red robe said to everyone in a loud and clear voice.

After he finished talking, everyone nodded in succession.

Austin was also suddenly enlightened. Apparently, the main function of the cultivators of the Heaven Realm, and even the masters of the Primal Holy Realm who had come there was to gather near the Nonuple Isles, strengthen the momentum, and engage in a fight against the demon race when necessary.

Based on what he had heard, the Nonuple Isles must be a very dangerous place. By Austin's estimate, only those who were true masters could enter the Nonuple Isles to find the whereabouts of the Battle Emperor.

"Let's set off for the Nonuple Isles now!"

The middle-aged man in white waved his hand, turned into a blinding sword-light, and flew forward.

Meanwhile, the old man in a green robe and the other one in a red robe, as well as the rest of the people also used their own bodily movement skills to follow him at once.

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