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   Chapter 1243 He Is A Wizard (Part Two)

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Their efficacious spiritual senses had all resulted in a zero!

In other words, all the cultivators could see the two old men on the platform with their naked eyes.

But when they activated their spiritual senses to scan them, the two old men suddenly became transparent. They seemed to be like thin air.

At once, all of them gazed upon the two old men in awe.

The old men were standing undeterred in front of them. Yet it seemed like the spiritual senses of all of them wasn't working. There was no one who could scan them through his spiritual sense.

This was very weird and uncanny.

Just like the other cultivators, Austin also activated his spiritual sense to scan the two old men. At first, even his spiritual sense wasn't working.

After moments of laborious and challenging scans, he was able to barely spot two fuzzy figures.

Austin stood there dumbfounded and perplexed.

He was aware that his spiritual sense force was stronger than that of the masters of the Primal Holy Realm and barely reached the level of the Semi-holy Realm.

Yet Austin could only spot two fuzzy figures up there with the aid of his extremely strong spiritual sense. All this showed that the power of the two old men's cultivation base and strength.


Austin decided to activate his spiritual sense again and make another attempt to scan the two old men on the platform.

At the same time, the two old men, suddenly looked in Austin's direction and made sounds of surprise.

"Interesting! This boy is only at the preliminary level of Heaven Realm when it comes to the vital energy cultivation base, but his spiritual sense force can go so far, as to reach the higher level. Indeed, he is extraor


We will definitely have a face-off with these demon race masters.

If that happens, a deadly bloody battle will become hard to avoid.

Thus, we feel everyone must be mentally prepared for the situations that can rise in the future.

We hope things are clear for you all. All right! Let's save some breath and drop the discussion for now.

We are just about to start!"

The old man in green robes finished his speech and waved his right hand. Suddenly, a battleship appeared in the sky. It was moving over the big square.

"All aboard the battleship!"

Even before the old man in green robes spoke out the last word, the two old men took the lead and flew into the sky. They landed on the battleship.

Following the two old men, all the cultivators in the big square began to fly into the sky.

It hardly took a few minutes for all the cultivators to board the battleship.

All the men seemed to be determined to accomplish whatever task they had been assigned.

The battleship vibrated furiously before it flew higher into the sky. It soared over the sea, moving in the direction of the Middle World Waters.

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