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   Chapter 1242 He Is A Wizard (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5904

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The Sand City, located at the junction between the South Continent and the Middle World Waters, was a beautiful seaside city.

It was situated a long way from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

On their way to the Sand City, Austin took out a huge number of divine vital energy crystals. He used them and did all that he could to make the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot move faster.

When seen from far, the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot looked like a looming beam of light, as it kept roaring past villages and small towns.

The divine vital energy crystals that Austin possessed were worth millions. Thus, there was no need for him to worry, if there would be a shortage of those crystals.

Four or five days ago, Austin collected 100 million divine vital energy crystals from the major sects and clans of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, as their apologies for capturing and torturing Evan and Herbert.

Out of them, he had given Evan and Herbert 50 million divine vital energy crystals to recover their elixir fields. Austin had the remaining 50 million divine vital energy crystals in hand for his perusal. That was really a huge fortune for him to spend. That was also why he kept fueling the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot with divine vital energy crystals, without feeling reluctant or anything.

Three days had passed since he began the journey, when at last, the coastline appeared in the distance.

It was the coastline of the Sand City, which was a medium-sized city located by the sea.

Austin stopped the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot when they were tens of thousands of meters away from the Sand City. He knew it wasn't a good idea moving towards the city in the chariot, for he got too many enemies walking around, and the rest were just eyeing this

All the cultivators were officially notified that they had to assemble immediately at the big square which was in the center of the Sand City.

After receiving the notice, Austin and the queen too came up to the big square in the center of the Sand City.

When they reached there, they saw that the big square was already crowded. Austin reckoned that the number of people present there was over 500.

As he analyzed them, he was surprised. Among them, there were over 400 cultivators who were at the level of the Heaven Realm.

While the remaining 100 were at the level of the Primal Holy Realm.

As he looked around, Austin noticed that in the middle of the big square, there was a tall platform.

He saw two old men who were standing on the platform.

Both of them were probably in their fifties.

One of the old men was clad in a green robe and the other wore a red robe.

It surprised everyone that when all of them had activated their spiritual senses to scan the two old men on the platform, the result was absolutely nothing.

Although they already knew that the two old men on that platform must be very powerful. But they were at their wits' end.

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