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   Chapter 1241 Embarkation

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Godwin stood on the ground in front of the hut with his hands firmly behind his back.

Right next to him, Austin stood quietly.

"We are facing an invasion of the demon race from the Demon Abyss World who are aiming to completely take over the Prime Martial World and enslave all of our people.

Given the current circumstances we are in, I believe that you are well aware of what we are up against,"

Godwin uttered, his voice slow but forceful.

"Yes, Master!"

Austin nodded, letting Godwin know that he fully understood the situation.

"I have previously gathered information about their invasion both covertly and overtly. In fact, I even infiltrated the demon race for intelligence.

Because of this, I have now gained a general idea about the invasion of the demon race.

From what I have gathered, the invasion force of the demon race comes from a demon tribe in the Demon Abyss World called the Heaven Claimer.

They are also the same exact force that invaded the Prime Martial World eight hundred years ago.

Let me explain this further. Among us humans, there are different sects, clans, and countries.

The demon race, on the other hand, are divided by tribes.

Now, take note that the Demon Abyss World is a far more advanced world than our Prime Martial World.

And even though the Heaven Claimer is only one of the tribes in the Demon Abyss World, their tribe's power is still much more than the combined power of everyone in the entire Prime Martial World,"

Godwin continued.

Upon hearing and digesting Godwin's words, Austin was rendered speechless with shock.

How could a single tribe of the demon race be more powerful than the entire Prime Martial World? It was utterly unbelievable.

"This time, they come to our Prime Martial World for two primary reasons.

One of which is our resources. They want to take the raw materials in our world, and turn their human prisoners into slaves for labor.

The second reason is that they are looking for someone: the demon emperor called Annihilator. He was like the best demon cultivator of their race.

He was the strongest leader the Heaven Claimer have ever had, with powers beyond anyone's wildest imagination.

As a matter of fact, it was he who led the invasion force of his tribe eight hundred years ago to conquer our Prime Martial World.

Fortunately, we also had a great master of the Emperor Realm back then who led the resistance force of the humans against the demon invasion, and was able to defeat their army and emerge victorious.

However, something strange happened during the last and final battle against the demon race.

Our great master was engaged in a deadly and heated duel that decimated nearly half of the battlefield with Annihilator the Demon Emperor.

Then, the unthinkable happened. All of a sudden, the two of them disappeared into thin air after the battle, and no one has seen them since then.

No one really knows what exactly happened to the two of them and where they disappeare

how problematic this actually was.

If he continued to keep them in his City model without any connection to the outside world, it would definitely take a toll on their cultivation bases sooner or later.

Thus, this situation was indeed not suitable for them in the long run.

Meanwhile, Godwin seemed to be offering security for these people.

Austin thought about it very hard for a while before he decided to transfer every single one of them out of the City model.

After a while, the people of the Heaven Pavilion Sect, the Meng Clan, the evil shadow race, the royal family of the Violet Orchid Empire, and, of course, his two fiancees and Mike appeared out of thin air.

And all of a sudden, tens of thousands of people were now occupying the entire mountaintop.

Godwin found himself feeling quite amused upon seeing just how many people Austin had been carrying with him this whole time.

"Ha-ha, don't you worry. They are in good hands now.

I will see to it that no harm comes to them,"

Godwin said with a confident smile on his face upon seeing Austin's worried expression.

"I can't tell you how grateful I am, master!"

Austin thanked Godwin from the bottom of his heart.

Austin was quite relieved for he knew that his master was more than capable of protecting the people he had been keeping in his City model.

After thanking Godwin, Austin then informed these people of the current situation.

Once he finished talking, he spent a long time saying goodbye to his fiancees.

However, before he could leave to go to the Sand City, the queen asked to go with him.

Godwin was more than happy to allow the queen to come along for he knew just how powerful the queen was.

After about half a day, Austin was finally seated with the queen in the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot that he fetched from his Space Ring.

Once the two of them were settled in, the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot shook for a second before it turned into a beam of light shooting towards the Sand City.

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