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   Chapter 1240 A Blessing In Disguise (Part Two)

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It was at that moment when Austin came to acknowledge that there would always be people stronger than him, even if his cultivation base had been improving constantly already. As the saying went, 'Behind an able man, there are always other able men.'

Besides, according to the Flame Emperor whom Austin had met in the Mysterious Nether World, the Prime Martial World was a relatively remote world. It was considered to be a low level world and deficient of spiritual energy compared to other worlds in the universe.

Within this world, the entire cultivation base of all the cultivators were relatively low and pale in comparison.

The gap between cultivators from the Prime Martial World and the cultivators from other higher grade worlds was just extremely wide.

So, even if Godwin had such a high level of cultivation base than Austin, he might have been in a great disadvantage if he fought with the cultivators from other higher grade world. They were like ants against giant beasts.

In that case, Austin would have been dead already in matter of minutes if he were to face such cultivators.

With that in mind, Austin reminded and urged himself to work even harder to become stronger and stronger. He must keep pushing himself to the highest level.

"Ha-ha, don't you worry. The elixir field of both young men have recovered already. They are both hale and whole.

And thanks to the great amount of divine vital energy crystal and other precious herbs and treasures from heaven and earth which was utilized, they have gained more than ten times the capacity and capability for cultivation than before. This was due to the reformation of their elixir field which was brought about by the divine treasures.

The misfortune they encountered before may have positive impact to them in the future,"

Godwin replied with a faint smile and assuring tone.

"That's just great news! Who would have thought that something like this would actually happen? Thank you so much, Master, for helping them!"

ully recovered, they were so ecstatic and simply laughed and jabbered endlessly. They were so bubbly and joyful for half a day before they finally calmed down.

But they still continued to smile like crazy idiots with their mouths open wide.

When Austin met them, he felt the elixir field of both his friends. He discovered that not only did their elixir field had fully recovered, but the vital energy inside the elixir field was thicker, abundant, and stronger than before. It was simply astonishing.

Godwin was right on point about their recovery situation.

Evan and Herbert had indeed acquired such a big blessing after the catastrophic wound they'd experienced. Their capabilities for cultivation were ten times stronger than before! Imagine that!

Austin entered the City model along with Evan and Herbert to meet their friends. They met Austin's fiancees, Mike, Michelle and Tessa and the other members from the royal family of the Violet Orchid Empire. They were all quite worried about the two, and were simply in tears when they saw them hale and whole. They gathered together and had a feast prepared, and simply talked with each other for half a day.

Finally, Austin received Godwin's voice message via spiritual sense. He then came out of the City model immediately and presented himself directly in front of Godwin.

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