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   Chapter 1239 A Blessing In Disguise (Part One)

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Now, let's zoom in on the plain of the grassland.

Wherever Austin passed by, streaks of beige energy mists could be seen from time to time which would rip apart the ground and soar high up towards the sky. They were like pockets of suppressed air trapped in the ground which suddenly burst out.

If seen from a distance, those soaring streaks of energy mists looked like beige dragons which soared towards the sky, as if they were finally freed after being trapped in the ground.

Master Li stood in front of the thatched cottage which was nestled on the mountain peak. He gazed towards the grassland next to the mountain peak and saw the ascending beige dragons time and again. Curiosity and amazement sparkled in his eyes.

"No wonder Austin was capable of reaching such level of cultivation base despite of his young age.

He has really committed himself in the cultivation process. His entire focus is fixed solely in cultivation once he began. He doesn't even mind the distractions around him.

He has been cultivating for two whole days now. And I never even saw him stop for a single minute to rest or catch his breath,"

Master Li marveled and complimented Austin at the same time. He really liked and admired this diligent young man. It was not often one would meet someone like Austin, which others would consider as a genius of this generation.

"Bernie, you should learn from Uncle Austin with regards to his cultivation determination and momentum,"

Master Li advised the four or five-year-old little boy who stood beside him and attentively listened to the old man.

"Understood, Master. I personally wanted to learn from someone like Uncle Austin."

The little boy firmly answered as he also looked towards the grassland near the mountain peak. His eyes gleamed with a firm resolve.

Meanwhile, a gorgeous silhouette sat cross-legged and was recuperating in the thatched cottage nearby.

She was none other than the queen.

The queen used her spiritual sense to observe the activities around the area and also paid close attention to Austin's cultivation on the grassland far outside this thatched

go and check them out if they have cured their elixir field."

It was like a sudden wake up call for Austin. It was as if he was jolted from a dream, and instantly remembered everything that had occurred. He was so focused and preoccupied with the cultivation for the past few days that he almost forgot all about his friends.

The moment that Austin remembered his friends, he decided to return to the mountain peak where Master Li lived quickly. The place was an isolated haven in that mountain peak. As he was about to go back using the bodily movement skill by launching Demonic Teleportation Skill, something suddenly stopped his movements.

In that instant, Austin suddenly stood still and was stunned.

Austin's spiritual sense had felt Godwin's presence who stood nearby.

"Sir....., I mean Master! It's you!

How's Evan and Herbert's condition?

Have their elixir field finally recovered?"

Austin rushed towards Godwin in a blink of an eye and asked anxiously.

At the same time, Austin had a shocking realization. His spiritual sense was not strong enough to detect Godwin's presence the moment he arrived. He was so stunned by the fact that his spiritual sense was so weak. And this realization was definitely an eye-opener for Austin.

If Godwin happened to be an enemy, Austin would have already been attacked, or worse killed, just because he couldn't sense that person's presence on time!

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