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   Chapter 1238 Cultivating The Earth Formula Again

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"Some demonic skills are very strange and magical. For one, not only can they be used to take another person's body, but they can also be used to fuse another person's remains. They are really hard to defend yourself against. You were really lucky to have survived.

However, the demonic energy that you have inside your body is far beyond the amount that the human body can handle. So, simply put, the demonic energy inside of you may end up harming you one day.

Keep in mind that demonic energy is also a kind of evil energy, and when it accumulates and reaches a certain amount in your body, it will inevitably invade your Soul Sea and affect your spiritual soul and will.

In the end, you will most likely become a demon who can only think about killing.

But as of now, your spiritual soul and will do not seem to have been invaded by demonic energy just yet.

This, I think, is very strange.

But nevertheless, you should still remember to be careful from now on. I would strongly advise you to rid your body of any demonic energy, just in case it causing you any unknown damage,"

Godwin remind Austin earnestly.

"Thanks for the warning,"

Austin replied, sincerely grateful for Godwin's well-meaning advice.

"I'll make sure to pay more attention to it."

In hindsight, Austin was already well aware of what Godwin said.

He knew that demonic energy really wasn't suitable for human cultivators.

If there was too much demonic energy in a human cultivator's body, then sooner or later, it would invade his Soul Sea, and affect his spiritual soul and will. In the long run, the cultivator with demonic energy would likely turn into a demon.

But there was something that Godwin did not know: as a matter of fact, Austin actually had an invaluable treasure in his Soul Sea—the spiritual tree.

This particular treasure that Austin was in possession of could refine all kinds of energy and transform it into spiritual sense.

Therefore, the reason why Austin was able to store huge amounts of demonic energy without being harmed by it was that the demonic energy that invaded his Soul Sea had actually been refined by the spiritual tree.

Austin, however, chose to keep the existence of the spiritual tree a secret from Godwin even though he knew that Godwin would not try to take it away from him out of greed if he found out about its existence in his Soul Sea.

Now that he had gone through countless trials and tribulations, Austin knew better than to tell others all of his secrets.

Upon noticing the calmness that took over Austin's face after he said his piece of advice, Godwin cast a thoughtful glance at Austin as if he had just gotten an epiphany.


the mountain to go to a nearby plain.

Austin made sure to be far away from anything he could wreck because the practice of the Energy-controlling Skill was sure to cause damage to the surrounding environment.

And since the peak of the mountain was Master Li's retreat, Austin wouldn't dare destroy it, so he moved to another place to practice.

When he landed on the plain, Austin first unleashed his spiritual sense on the plain to perceive the new land he was standing on now.

After a moment, his hands fluttered as he performed various skills and quickly walked forward with strange footwork.

As he moved forward, Austin hit the ground with several different kinds of skills.

He didn't stop until he had already walked a kilometer.

Then, he turned around and looked at the path he had just taken.


Austin shouted, stomping his foot.

Boom! Boom! All of a sudden, there was a loud rumbling sound.

And waves of earthy yellow energy, each as thick as an arm, burst from the ground that Austin had just walked past.

With that, innumerable deep holes appeared on the ground behind him.

"Wow, the Energy-controlling Skill truly is amazing!"

Austin couldn't help but marvel at what he saw.

"This can definitely help a warrior easily defeat the enemy if used as a surprise attack.

Unfortunately, I am still too weak, so the power of the Earth Energy that I am able to drive is still too small," Austin said in dismay.

It was very clear that he was not satisfied with his current level—he truly wanted to achieve so much more.

So, he continued to practice the Energy-controlling Skill on the plain relentlessly.

After just a day, the plain was unrecognizable. What once was a flat clearing was now a mess, and not an inch of it was free of potholes.

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