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   Chapter 1237 Interest

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"Okay! I accept your proposal!"

the head of the Song Clan said reluctantly. After struggling hard for a moment, he finally made his decision as the expression on his face changed.

Because of Godwin, no one here could compel Austin, and he fully understood that.

Besides, there was no way he was going to watch his daughter's cultivation base be destroyed without doing anything about it.

"There are ten million divine vital energy crystals and some rare, high-grade precious materials in this Space Ring alone. Since there are a total of eleven sects here, I suppose that these ten million divine crystals are sufficient,"

the head of the Song Clan said as he waved his hand. Then, the space ring slowly floated towards Austin. As the head of the Song Clan followed the Space Ring with his gaze, he felt his heart bleeding.

Ten million divine energy crystals -- not to mention the treasures -- were already a huge sum of wealth for the Clan.

On the other hand, Austin also knew that the others would never do a number on him in Godwin's presence, so he stretched out his hand to catch the Space Ring that was floating towards him.

After having inspected it quickly, Austin found that there really were ten million divine energy crystals and some rare treasures in the Space Ring.

"Ha-ha! This is great! Since you are so cooperative, I will keep my promise.

You can have all of your family members from the Song Clan back!"

Austin replied. With a quick mental command, he sent around two or three thousand people out from the City model. All of them were disciples of the Song Clan.

"You are free now!"

Austin said with a faint smile on his face.

'Free? Are we really free now?'

The disciples of the Song Clan could not believe what they had just heard and were wondering in their hearts.

"Hmm! All of you guys come here!"

the head of the Song Clan ordered. At the same time, he stretched his hands towards the sky, generated a palm with great vital energy and then sent it towards all the disciples of the Song Clan. Then, just a second after the disciples were caught by the huge palm, they appeared beside the head of the clan at once.

"Let's go!"

the head ordered sullenly before leaving at once.

All the other members of the Song Clan followed the head of their clan without a word, and just a moment later, all of them were gone.

After the Song Clan made the first deal, the other clans and sects followed one by one. "Here you go! This is from our Sky Sect,"

a reclusive elder from the Sky Sect waved his hand to throw a Space Ring towards Austin.

"Here is the indemnity from the New Moon Sect."

"Austin, here is the Ghost Puppet Sect's Space Ring!"

At once, the other masters of the remaining sects and clans all gave Au

so quickly landed on the open space there.

"Ha! Ha! Young man, your bodily movement skill is good!"

Godwin said, with a trace of praise in his tone.

"Oh, no, sir. Please don't make fun of me,"

Austin said as his face blushed with shame.

"Ha-ha! Austin, no need to be too modest. Your cultivation base is only at the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm, yet you were able to reach such a high speed just now. It is very rare to see something like that.

Besides, there is an abundance of demonic energy stored in your body. What's going on there?

Normally, vital energy and demonic energy are two contrasting powers for human cultivators. Thus, they will repel each other in a human body.

However, in your body, both vital energy and demonic energy exist. That's very rare to see,"

Godwin mentioned calmly.

"Sir, that's because I have integrated a skeleton of the demon race. Because of that skeleton, I can store demonic energy in my body,"

Austin explained frankly without attempting to conceal anything.

"You have integrated a skeleton of the demon race?"

Godwin was surprised to hear what Austin had said, and so were the queen and Master Li beside him.

They had never heard of such a thing before.

Godwin immediately released his spiritual sense and inspected Austin.

"Indeed, there is a skeleton of the demon race in your body.

And I think that the demonic spiritual soul of the demon still existed in the skeleton at the beginning, when it actively integrated into your bones.

Later on, you were able to remove its demonic spiritual soul, therefore leaving this skeleton of the demon race in your body,"

Godwin surmised.

"You are right,"

Austin responded. He couldn't help but secretly admire Godwin in his heart. To his surprise, Godwin was immediately able to understand what Austin had done.

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