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   Chapter 1236 The Cost Of Fixing Elixir Field

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"Sir, are you serious?"

Austin asked in a surprised, yet delighted tone.

"Do you mean there's a way for us to get our cultivation bases back?" Evan and Herbert asked.

They could barely hide how overjoyed they was.

Meanwhile, the rest who heard what Godwin said were also extremely astonished and perplexed at his words.

'The elixir field is where we keep our vital energy. Thus, if a cultivator's elixir field is destroyed, then he will lose his cultivation base.

Evan's and Herbert's elixir fields have been completely shattered, so doesn't that mean that it's already impossible for them to cultivate vital energy again?

But Godwin said the two of them can get their cultivation bases back. How could that even be possible?' they thought to themselves.

"The majority of their elixir fields have been destroyed, but they haven't been completely ruined.

I think those people severely underestimated the strength of these two, so they did not use their full strength to wipe out their cultivation bases.

Since there is still a part of their elixir fields that are undamaged, it can still be fixed.

I happen to know a way to do that,"

Godwin explained with a genial smile.

"Sir, you know how to mend their elixir fields? That's such great news!" Austin gushed.

He knew that Godwin wouldn't lie to him about this, and he felt very much relieved at the thought of Evan and Herbert being able to cultivate again.

'Evan and Herbert lost their cultivation bases because of me.

If they couldn't resume cultivating, I would have to live with guilt for the rest of my life, ' Austin thought.

"Old man, I mean, dear sir, you're not just fooling me, are you? If you can really help fix my elixir field, please do it right now.

Ha-ha, I really didn't expect that I would ever be able to resume my cultivation again," Herbert said emotionally.

He was so excited that he couldn't control his emotions.

"Ha-ha, Tin, I can still be a cultivator again,"

Evan said as well as he smiled from ear to ear

g us already."

"You have gone too far, Austin."

Upon hearing Austin's statement, the strong cultivators started cursing Austin again.

"Humph! I'm sure I have made myself clear to you. If you turn down my proposal, you know the consequences.

I will start with her,"

Austin said, pointing at Nora.

Nora, who was restricted by a rope made of vital energy, was suspended in the air beside Austin.

"On the count of ten. You best make a decision,"

Austin said flatly.

"One, two..."

Austin's threat pissed off the cultivators present. They glared at the young man with eyes fuming with rage.

"Go to hell, you little bastard," the head of the Song Clan said in a thunderous voice.

He dashed towards Austin.

But before he could do anything, Godwin waved his hand casually.

And all of a sudden, the head of the Song Clan felt an enormous force weighing him down, making it hard for him to move.

"Sir, what's all this for?" the head of the Song Clan asked, turning to Godwin.

He was rattled and angry. He knew with Godwin's strength, he can take me out in a heartbeat.

Godwin, however, didn't respond.

Meanwhile, all of the other cultivators came to a conclusion.

'Godwin is obviously on Austin's side.

It looks like they have teamed up.'

"Five, six..."

Austin counted with a completely emotionless tone.

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