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   Chapter 1235 Recovering Evan's And Herbert's Cultivation Base

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Upon being questioned, the masters of these sects were out of words as they did not know what to say to Austin.

But to be fair, they weren't really in Austin's enemies list for they were just like any other warrior of the Polarity Sect. But greed was in their hearts for they attacked Austin in order to get his treasures this time around.

They had eyed and desired them for so long that they could not wait to steal them away from Austin. Those that they had wanted to take away were the four powerful archaic weapons, the Fire Stela, and the Sword Emperor's treasures in the Sunset Mountain.

If they weren't enthralled with acquiring Austin's powerful weapons, then all their efforts in keeping Evan and Herbert hostage just so that they could get to Austin would have been in vain.

But from all their planning and tactics, they had never anticipated that Austin could capture so many people in their sects.

"Listen to me and pay attention! To the old scums of the Sky Sect, the Magic Hand Sect, the New Moon Sect and the Ghost Puppet Sect... you are here because you have been my enemies. All of this is because of your greed. You wanted my treasures and have assigned numerous people to kill me multiple times.

You, the so-called great sects, managed to attack me because of my treasures.

If you really wanted my treasures, then why didn't you come for me directly?

Why did you, greedy cowards, have to involve my two brothers in this mess?

You have disturbed the lives of my brothers to threaten me. Do you have no shame in yourselves? Aren't you embarrassed of what you have done to my poor brothers? You should be.

I feel sick just by looking at your pathetic faces!"

Austin said coldly with disdain in his voice as he looked at the masters around him.

All of them wanted to speak but did not know what to say, hearing what Austin had said to them.

And it was phenomenal. In a span of a short time, he had already captured ten thousand people from these sects because of his best friends' wrongful imprisonment. This made it perfectly clear that Austin would go beyond his way just to keep his brothers safe from harm.

"Hum! What an excuse! What a load of nonsense!

I do not have the time and energy to argue with you!

Austin, you won. You have now saved your so-called brothers. We know that you are a fair person.

You know that those you caught are innocent.

Why don't you release those people who you have caught before?

What do you plan to do with us? What are you going to do?

If you don't rel

he did not look like an old man with all the vigor that he was releasing.

It even looked like Master Li was also ready to protect Austin.

Austin had a warm smile on his face as he saw how some other people still believed him. Their support made him feel less of a mess at that point.

Meanwhile, Austin also knew that Master Li was at the Semi-holy Realm. He felt from the vital energy force that Master Li had released. This, however, surprised him.

"You have killed many warriors of our evil shadow race! I must take revenge on you all!"

The queen walked forward. She had the strong grey evil energy that filled the whole space.

She then looked at the masters with her beautiful eyes which were filled with frightening coldness and fierce killing intent.

"What? Hold on!"

When both parties had reached an impasse, Godwin was surprised as he seemed to notice something. He then waved his hands to bring Evan and Herbert in front of him.

Austin had faith in Godwin that he would never harm Evan and Herbert. But what Godwin had done brought him surprise.

"Old man, what do you want to do with me? Let me go.

Tin, help me!"

Herbert was fixed in the sky and couldn't move his body. He was so scared and afraid at what Godwin was planning to do that he asked Austin for help.

"Tin, what's happening?"

Evan was also surprised.

After Godwin waved his sleeves again, Evan and Herbert couldn't say anything anymore. They were really frightened.

It seemed that Godwin used his spiritual sense to detect Evan's and Herbert's bodies.

"Their cultivation base could be recovered!"

Godwin said suddenly as his eyes grew larger for thinking of such a wonderful idea.

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