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   Chapter 1234 Godwin

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In that moment, all the cultivators of the large sects and clans found themselves in a state of shock.

They found it immensely incredible, albeit quite unbelievable, that the old man wearing a white gown was actually Master Li's teacher.

More than that, they could not believe that Austin was also a disciple of the old man in white. Did he really have the same teacher as Master Li?

All of these cultivators were startled by what they saw and heard.

They were all well aware that Master Li was a person of prestige in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. For hundreds of years, he had been well known by every cultivator throughout the entire kingdom.

For as long as they could remember, Master Li had always been the guest of honor of all the sects and clans in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, even including the royal families.

He was held with such high regard because he had learned the rare and difficult skills of soothsaying. Thus, Master Li was a really great fortuneteller. More than that, it was also said that, while no one knew exactly what it was, the level of his cultivation base was so high than no one ever dared to annoy him even a little bit.

So, if he was already that powerful, then how powerful could his master possibly be?

His power must be something beyond anyone's imagination.

"Master Li, is that your teacher?

Could you introduce him to us?"

asked the reclusive elder of the Sky Sect in a respectful tone. He was an old man with white eyebrows and white hair.

"Yes, he is my teacher,"

Master Li answered coldly.

"Oh my gosh!"

Even though some of them had already guessed the fact, most of the cultivators still could not help but gasp in shock after hearing what Master Li said.

Master Li had been well known all throughout the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom for nearly six hundred years. Thus, his teacher must be someone who had already been alive for six hundred years, at the very least.

If he had a disciple who was as strong as Master Li, then this old man must have a really amazing cultivation base.

The old man in white calmly suspended himself in the air with his hands clasped behind his back. Oddly enough, there was not even a glimmer of vital energy force on him. As a matter of fact, he seemed to be just an ordinary man who had never even practiced any martial skills.

For some reason, the fact that he seemed so ordinary made the powerful cultivators from the large sects and plan fear him even more.

In that moment, the cultivators looked among themselves with no idea on how to deal with the situation.

Unfortunately for them, it was terribly obvious that the old man in white and Master Li were going to side with Austin.

"We should get more information about the old

much we respect him,"

the leader of the Breeze Sect said with anger.

"He's right!

Austin, it doesn't matter if you are Godwin's disciple. You will still end up dead sooner or later because of all the cruel things that you have done.

Release the people you have taken captive as quickly as possible. Don't bring any more trouble for yourself."

The head of the Polarity Sect also reproached him coldly.

Soon, the other cultivators could not help themselves from blaming Austin as well.

"Ha ha! You say that I am cruel and have done a lot of evil things.

You blame me as if you are the righteous ones.

Do you really think that you are right?

You, old man from the Polarity Sect, let me ask you something. What kind of bad things did I do to you or your sect exactly?

I didn't do anything to you, so why did you participate in arresting my two friends?"

Austin asked sharply with a wild laugh.

The head of the Polarity Sect was stunned. He truly had no idea how to answer Austin's questions.

After all, Austin really had not done anything to offend the Polarity Sect before they decided to arrest his friends.

The truth was that they wanted to take at least some, if not all, of Austin's belongings, so, in their greed, they decided to take part in imprisoning Austin's friends.

"What about you, the people from the other sects and clans? All of you from the Breeze Sect, the Celestial Gate Sect, the Song Clan, the Jiang Clan, the Kong Clan, and the Chen Clan, please tell me what I have done to you or your sects and clans that made you chase me like this?

Why did you want to threaten me by seizing and torturing my friends?

If you people hadn't arrested my two good friends and threatened me, then why would I even seize those people from your side?"

Austin questioned the cultivators again.

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