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   Chapter 1233 Junior

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"So is your cultivation base now in the Semi-Holy Realm?"

Austin asked the queen curiously upon feeling the pressure of her evil energy.

"You are right. This is the level of cultivation base I had before,"

the queen said with a nod.

Even though Austin already knew this, he was still shocked when he heard it from the queen herself.

Especially because many sect leaders and the elders of some big sects also had cultivation bases in the Semi-Holy Realm.

For example, those who came and hunted for Austin -- particularly the leader of the Song Clan, the elder of the New Moon Sect, and the sect leader of the Polarity Sect -- were all warriors whose cultivation base were in the Semi-Holy Realm.

And now, quite unbelievably, the queen's cultivation base was also at the same level.

"Look out!

I just felt a surge of space power!

Someone is trying to sneak an attack on you!"

While Austin was preoccupied with feeling shocked over the queen's breakthrough, he suddenly heard the gnome's voice in his Soul Sea.


Before the Austin could even react, the queen hummed coldly all of a sudden. Then, she struck out her palm, and her tremendous evil energy hit something behind Austin.

Upon impact, a man clad in purple suddenly fell out of the space in an awkward manner.

Austin immediately recognized the man as the leader of the Song Clan.

Apparently, he approached Austin while he was having a conversation with the queen in an attempt to take him down without anyone noticing him.

However, to his dismay, his action was caught by both the queen and the gnome.

The leader of the Song Clan then stared at the queen with caution as blood dripped out of his mouth.

He had obviously been injured by the queen's strike.

However, he could not wrap his head around the fact that a woman from the evil shadow race who had just made it to the Semi-Holy Realm recently was able to hurt him that badly.

"Austin! You have already brought your accomplices to safety and this lady of the evil shadow race has already achieved another breakthrough.

Thus, you can release those whom you have kidnapped now.

If you still choose not to let them go, we will make sure that you will not make it out of here alive."

Upon failing at his sneak attack, the leader of the Song Clan threatened Austin in a voice teemi


The old man nodded with smile.

"It really is you!"

Austin was overjoyed now that he had finally seen the face of the shadow that he had met in the Heaven Pavilion Sect. Apparently, he was a deity-looking old man.

Austin assumed that he must have used an arcane spell to hide his appearance back then.

"I have missed you since we parted at the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

I never got the chance to repay you for what you did for me,"

Austin said to the old man with a salute.

"You are being too kind. There is indeed some sort of connection between us."

The old man laughed happily.

"Austin. I believe I own you an apology.

I once help these men to tracked you down.

What I did put you in grave danger.

I am deeply sorry for it,"

Master Li suddenly said to Austin in an apologetic and sincere tone.

"Wait, what's happening here?"

Austin was stunned.

"Master Li is an disciple that I took in during my early years. Speaking of which, since you are also my disciple now, it is quite suitable for him to treat you his junior,"

explained the old man in white.

It was only then that Austin realized that he was actually the one who taught him the Eighteen Arhats Array and the Earth Formula in the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Thus, to some degree, he was indeed Austin's master.

"It was nothing. There is no need for you to apologize,"

Austin responded with a smile.

He finally understood how the leader of the Song Clan, along with a dozen other cultivators, were able to find him back then.

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