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   Chapter 1232 Breakthrough

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Upon seeing the reclusive elder of the New Moon Sect attack the grey cocoon, Austin immediately realized that the queen's attempt to break through the Heavenly Doom would be interrupted and her life would be put at risk.

"All right. You asked for it!"

Austin gritted his teeth and held his breath as he deployed the Ten-avatar Skill and Demonic Teleportation Skill several times, enabling him to escape the attacks from the leader of the Song Clan.

"Stop it, you witch of the New Moon Sect! Or else, I will kill these people one by one!"

Austin amplified his voice using his vital energy force, and everyone was taken aback by his sudden outburst. At once, all of them turned to look at him.

Then, two giant golden hands made of vital energy appeared in the air in front of Austin, and in each of these hands laid three women.

These women were all from the New Moon Sect. They had been kidnapped by Austin and held captive in his City model.

Without even a moment's notice, Austin transferred them out of the City model to serve as his hostages.

The reclusive elder of the New Moon Sect turned around and stared viciously at Austin and the disciples of her sect in his hands. He definitely had her attention now.

At once, she immediately recognized these women to be from the New Moon Sect indeed. In that moment, she realized that Austin definitely was not bluffing.

"You son of a bitch! If you dare to touch even a single strand of hair from any of them, I will definitely cut you into pieces!"

The reclusive elder threatened coldly and angrily. She then brandished her shaft and a beam of vital energy force shot out of it.

"This is on you!"

The reclusive elder left him with no choice -- his back was now against the wall.


One of the vital energy hands squeezed the three disciples and they were immediately reduced into a pink mist.

"You son of a bitch! How dare you!"

shouted the reclusive elder as she started shaking with fury. Never, in her wildest dreams, did she expect that Austin would actually push through with his threat.

"Let me repeat what I just said. If you don't stop now, I will kill each and every one of the disciples of the New Moon Sect in my captivity right here, right now!

In case you didn't know, I have more than three thousands of them!"

Austin said coldly.


With a loud sound, the women in the other hand were turned into pink mist as well.


The gnome warned Austin through his spiritual sense at once.

"Move and I will kill your daughter."

Austin stared intensely at the leader of the Song Clan and hung Nora above his head with his vital energy force.

Nora felt like she was being paraded by Austin in the middle of the sky in front of everyone, including her father. So it was only natural that she felt humiliated and angry.

"Father! I will be fine! Just kill him now!"

Nora shouted.

But it didn't matter for the leader of the Song Clan immediately froze at the sight of her.


All of a sudden, an earth-shaking sound came from above the mountain

and the shock wave from that explosion immediately spread out.

Then, Austin and those of the evil shadow race were all overjoyed

as the cocoon exploded and a petite figure appeared, flying into the sky towards the lightning.

"Finally! She made it!"

Austin breathed out with relief as he saw her oozing out an extraordinary aura of power

Meanwhile the cultivators of all sects looked gloomy as they knew that this woman of the evil shadow race had already achieved breakthrough and they failed at stopping her.

Finally, after a few moments, the lightning in the sky started getting weaker and weaker.

And all of a sudden, the queen appeared right next to Austin in a flash of grey light.

"Thank you,"

the queen said to Austin gratefully.

"God of Evil bless us all!

Our queen has succeeded in breaking through!"

Tens of thousands of people from the evil shadow race started to cheer. Their cheers were so loud that it went all the way up to the sky above.

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