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   Chapter 1231 Dangerous Situation (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5764

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He was the sect leader of the Polarity Sect.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At that point of, hundreds of warriors of the evil shadow race were killed in seconds by the black sword and the white sword. Then they turned into the blood-red mist. The mist overshadowed everything in sight. It was the most horrifying sight one could see.


Austin's anger turned into a raging helplessness and frustration. He raised his head to shout out loudly as he saw the death of the warriors of the evil shadow race. But...

"Ha-ha, Austin, are you scared, you brave little warrior?

You know what? These poor warriors of the evil shadow race will all die because of you. They will be paying for you and the woman who is cultivating to break through will fail as well because you again will be the reason.

At last, you have nothing to do but to die just like them and your hands will be red with their blood till your last breath. This guilt will never leave you, you murderer.

It is the result of waging war against us you fool.

Keep repenting your decision. And till you die a horrible death, enjoy the curse of your pain."

The patriarch of the Song Clan couldn't help laughing loudly like a vulgar serial killer as he saw Austin's helpless rage and desperation.

But before anything, Austin had captured the patriarch's daughter, Nora. This stopped the man from rushing towards the mountain range to stop the queen from making a breakthrough. He was left with no choice but to fight Austin first and save his beloved daughter.

"All right enough of child's play! Stop right now and surrender immediately, otherwise you will regret it later!"

The patriarch of the Song Clan stared at the surprising turn of events

and meter away from the grey cocoon.

She was the reclusive elder of the New Moon Sect. She was laughing loudly like a cruel witch. She looked terrible accompanied with that blood curdling noise.

The grey cocoon was in the center of the lightning and was also the closest place to the lightning. Even if she was a strong warrior, she didn't dare to get close to it.

"Please remember to find a safer place to make a breakthrough in your next life. And remember this; always have a good understanding of your potential."

The reclusive elder raised her Dragon Staff to bring down the final blow as she laughed loudly. The terrible light of the vital energy force attacked the grey cocoon from the Dragon Staff after all.


The light of the vital energy force had already attacked the grey cocoon right on cue.

The grey cocoon shook violently and rolled a few meters away.


But the reclusive elder of the New Moon Sect didn't stop attacking. She waved her dragon-headed staff again and again violently. More and more light of the vital energy force had attacked the grey cocoon. It was as if she had forgotten to stop.

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