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   Chapter 1230 Dangerous Situation (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5710

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"That's exactly spot on! It is the Thunderstroke Doom that will enable the breakthrough to the Semi-holy Realm.

She must be immobilized right now. Stop her at once.

Otherwise, the damage will be unalterable. Once she succeeded and reached the Semi-holy Realm, there's no way we could ever stop her and Austin anymore. Quickly! Let's do it now!"

The reclusive elder of the New Moon Sect stared at the grey cocoon in the center of the lightning intently, shock and alert surging up in her eyes.

As soon as she stopped talking, she moved her body and transitioned into a beam of red light. She rushed to the mountain range at a lightning speed in a flash. It was understandable to everyone there that she wanted to stop the queen from breaking through the Heavenly Doom.

Until now, those powerful warriors had their eyes glued on the grey cocoon.

A Semi-holy Realm cultivator was definitely the great master and was also at the top of the whole Prime Martial World.

In the spur of a moment, all those warriors came up with a proposal now. They wanted to stop the queen frantically from breaking through to the Semi-holy Realm and successfully dismantled her cultivation base.

They were not at all at par with idea of seeing others to make a breakthrough and reach the Semi-holy Realm.

To make things worse, the queen of the evil shadow race supported the formidable Austin. That was just way too much for them to swallow.


Out of the blue, a purple arrow slithered towards the reclusive elder of the New Moon Sect through the sky like a poisonous snake.

Austin did it yet again. He drew the Invincible Bow to attack the reclusive elder. To protect the queen from getting hurt

staff turned into a furious grey dragon and was ready to attack the elder in order to finish him.

"Piss off! You filthy old beggar!"

the unimaginably powerful reclusive elder of the Magic Hand Sect said coldly and a big red tripod appeared to attack Priest Callum as soon as he waved his hand in the air.


Priest Callum was thrown back by a thousands of meters at just one wave of a hand. Seriously injured by the herbal tripod, he looked terribly pale and was bleeding from his mouth profoundly.


Protect the queen with our lives."

At the same time, tens of thousands of warriors of the evil shadow race ready to fight rose together. The fighting spirit within them was all pumped up. They rushed to the opponents just like the mad horses and were ready to cut down everybody in their way.

"Hum! You puny little insects. Go to hell, you pathetic excuses for warriors!"

An old warrior wearing a loose gown in black and white with a black sword and a white sword in his back appeared from nowhere. All of a sudden, the two swords turned into two long swords, about one hundred meters and rushed forward.

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