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   Chapter 1229 Thunderstrock Doom For Reaching The Semi-holy Realm

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"Humph! Austin is cruel and fierce by nature, and he is notorious for his evil deeds.

Since that woman is his partner, she too must be as evil as he is. If this is the case, we must not let her break through the Heavenly Doom successfully!

Let's move faster. We must stop her from making progress in breaking through the Heavenly Doom and ruin her cultivation!"

These words were spoken by an old man wearing a black and white robe. There was a tinge of cold brutality in his voice. He was the leader of Polarity Sect.

When he finished speaking, dozens of figures with great power left the Heavenly Emperor City and headed towards the mountain where the Queen was breaking through the Heavenly Doom.

"Damn that wretched Austin! He is destined to be killed this time!"

Nearly thousands of disciples, who had run back to the Heavenly Emperor City dejectedly, were once again delighted when they saw the reclusive elders. These elders seldom showed their faces in public, so being in their presence itself was thrilling to the disciples. Even the sect leaders had all come together against Austin.

They followed the powerful cultivators and headed towards the mountain again.

"How long will it take for her to break through the Heavenly Doom?"

murmured Austin to himself. At this time, he was levitating in midair, gazing at the top of the mountain. He could see that the big grey cocoon was being bombarded by thunder and lightning over and over again.

However, Austin also knew that the breaking through process must take place in a gradual manner.

It was impossible to finish it within a short period of time especially for those who were powerful cultivators.

The stronger the cultivator was, the longer it would take for him or her to break through.

Apart from Austin, there were tens of thousands of disciples of evil shadow race scattered all around the mountain to guard their Queen.

All of them were nervously staring at the grey cocoon at the center of the thunderstorm.

All of a sudden, Austin felt something and immediately changed the look on his face.

He turned around to look in the direction of the Heavenly Emperor City.

With his spiritual sense, Austin saw a lot of powerful shadows heading towards the mountain from the direction of Heavenly Emperor City.

He could sense the strong power waves which they were emanating and the immense speed at which they were approaching the scene. This knowledge made him feel threatened to the core.

Those cultivators were indeed very strong.

Priest Callum had also been warned of what was about to happen through his spiritual sense. He flew out from the mountain in a hurry and stopped only once he was floating neck to neck with Austin. They both looked out at the direction of Heavenly Emperor City with anticipation.

"Austin, we've got bad news. A lot of powerful cultivators are coming towards us.

It may very well be cultivators from those sects!" added Priest Cullen worriedly.

In the distant horizon, the dark thunder clouds were being forced apart to reveal those powerful figures. They were moving closer to them every time they blinked their eyes.

The heaven

head of Song Clan was incredibly strong. He seemed to be able to control the energy of the heaven and earth so easily.

However, Austin was not ready to be humiliated by him like this.

He used the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill in that moment, and a white flame appeared in the Soul Sea of head of Song Clan.

Without any hesitation, a huge amount of demonic energy was released and ten identical Austin came into existence at the same time.


the head of Song Clan snorted. He hadn't expected Austin to possess so many skills.

He controlled his spiritual sense in his Soul Sea to battle with that white flame. It didn't take a long time for the white flame to be driven out of his Soul Sea.

In the meanwhile, the huge purple hand grabbed at the ten phantoms of Austin and tore them into pieces.

However in the meantime, the real Austin had escaped thousands of miles away.

Austin's face turned a little pale. It was the first time that his Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill had been broken. Fortunately, he had got the protection from the spiritual tree, and his divine sense was not hurt.

"It seems that I just underestimated you!"

the head of Song Clan said out loud. Anger and disbelief simmered within him. He had never expected that Austin could escape from his grab.


Suddenly, the thunder and lightning over the grey cocoon grew more and more fierce. The power of the thunderbolts were ten times stronger that it had been a while ago.

Flashes of lightning, accompanied by thunder were tearing the heaven apart and striking violently against the grey cocoon.


A large crack appeared on top of the cocoon.

Obviously the Queen inside was breaking through.

At this moment, the attention of all those who were present was drawn to the cocoon.

"The power of the Thunderstroke Doom is incredibly strong. It must mean that the woman of evil shadow race is breaking through the Thunderstroke Doom for reaching the Semi-holy Realm..."

This was the guess of a lean old man wearing a black robe. He was the reclusive elder of the Ghost Puppet Sect.

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