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   Chapter 1228 Commencement of The Thunderstroke Doom

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Austin glanced at the grey cocoon when he heard the thunder.

Thick, dark grey clouds with ragged edges glimmered a brilliant silver as several colossal thunderbolts fell from the sky. As the lightning settled, darkness extended over tens of thousands of miles.

The sky lit up again as more lightning descended from the heavens. Austin's forehead furrowed with concern as the number of lightning bolts increased from a few to several, to dozens and then tens of hundreds. They tore through the heaven and earth as they hurtled toward the grey cocoon.

At the same time, the grey cocoon exuded enormous amounts of evil energy that swiftly rose toward the sky to counter the thunderbolts.

The roaring and swirling dense evil energy split the falling thunderbolts.

"The Thunderstroke Doom has finally started!"

Austin was excited when he saw the Thunderstroke Doom, a form of the trial of heaven and earth that cultivators who intended to reach the Primal Holy Realm and beyond were bound to withstand.


Next, blazing silver bolts of lightning cascaded like heavy rainfall in such a wild and destructive way that it seemed to ruin everything in this world.

One after another, lofty peaks on the vast mountain range below the thunderbolts crumbled into stone and dust.

The dense ancient forest ignited, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into an endless sea of fire.

Austin's eyes widened when he witnessed the destructive power of the Thunderstroke Doom. Anxious, he glanced at the grey cocoon. A sigh of relief escaped his lips when he saw that it was still hovering mid-air and enduring the lightning barrage.

The terrifying grey evil energy, visible to the naked eye, transformed into endless grey mist and surrounded the grey cocoon.

"The queen will withstand the Thunderstroke Doom, right?"

Austin asked Priest Callum through his spiritual sense as he continued to stare at the grey cocoon. Watching the grey cocoon levitate precariously in the sea of thunderbolts, chilled Austin to the bone.

"Ha-ha. Please don't worry about it. The queen is recovering her real power. She has overcome a similar Thunderstroke Doom before. I am sure that she will endure this time as well.

As long as no one disturbs her, everything will be fine,"

Priest Callum calmly replied to Austin through his spiritual sense.

"So it is."

Relief filled Austin after he heard Priest Callum's explanation.

Just as the queen was breaking through the Thunderstroke Doom, Austin's adversaries returned to Heavenly Emperor City.

Disheartened, six strong cultivators at the Primal Holy Realm led the troops sent by the powerful sects and clans back to the midtown area of Heavenly Emperor City.

Every cultivator was filled with a sense of dismay.

They were rather reluctant to accept the result of the combat today.

Twelve strong cultiv

e helplessly replied to the middle-aged man in purple.

The middle-aged man in purple was the chief of the Song Clan.


What happened?

Tell me!"

The chief of the Song Clan was a powerful martial arts cultivator. He was also naturally shrewd. When he heard the cultivator stammer, he knew that something terrible had happened.

The chief of the Song Clan was familiar with the cultivator as he was a member and strong cultivator of the Song Clan.

After taking a deep breath, the cultivator narrated all the events that had transpired in the Heavenly Emperor City.

"Austin, that bastard! How dare he do that?"

All of a sudden, a terrifying, furious aura burst across the sky.

Every prominent cultivator levitating high in the air looked somber. The expression in their eyes seemed to be emanating fire.

The fury of these prominent cultivators sent a shudder through the whole city.

"Everybody, listen. One of Austin's conspirators is going through the Thunderstroke Doom right now.

In addition, it is said that Austin, the bastard, has a female conspirator at the Primal Holy Realm.

So, the conspirator, who is now enduring the Thunderstroke Doom, must be his female conspirator.

Undoubtedly, it takes some time to break through the Thunderstroke Doom, which means that they won't leave that mountain anytime soon. They must still be there.

If we head there right away, we can capture Austin, the bastard!"

The chief of the Song Clan said to the other prominent cultivators, who were hovering above Heavenly Emperor City.

"Yes, indeed. I agree with you. I can sense that thunderbolts are descending from the sky in that direction.

They are still there. "

With the help of their powerful spiritual sense, several prominent cultivators sensed a great many thunderbolts being discharged in the location where the queen was breaking through the Thunderstroke Doom at present.

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