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   Chapter 1227 Ambush

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Above the lofty mountains, Austin hovered in the sky and gazed at the approaching enemies. Overwhelming murderous intent from thousands of enemies encased him.

He knew that the upcoming battle was going to be challenging.

Although Austin possessed superior power compared with warriors at the same level, he did not think that he could defeat so many enemies.

At this point, it was hard to foretell which side would get the final victory.

But Austin knew one thing for sure—he would not allow anybody to interfere with the queen's breakthrough.

As for Priest Callum, he would spare no effort to guard the grey cocoon.

His prime responsibility was to protect the queen during her breakthrough process.


"Kill them all!"

"I'm going to tear this asshole apart!"

The threats and taunts could be heard from six thousand meters away. Thousands of warriors with intense murderous intent headed toward Austin.

"Huh! This is the perfect distance to launch my attack."

After calculating his distance from his enemies, Austin held the Invincible Bow with one hand and with the other, he pulled the string.

The Invincible Bow was the perfect weapon with which to launch attacks from a long distance. Austin knew that it would lose its function once his enemies neared.


A purple arrow formed in Austin's hand. In the next instant, it flew swiftly toward its target.

The arrow crackled through the sky. It absorbed all the spiritual energy from the earth and heaven as it passed.


Perceiving the destructive momentum released by the arrow, a master at the Primal Holy Realm instructed the warriors.


Horrific energy exploded when the arrow struck Austin's enemies. About a hundred enemies evaporated in the blast.

Austin's attack also killed several Heaven Realm cultivators.

"There's nothing to be afraid of. His bow will become useless once we near him."

The remaining warriors did not shrink back after witnessing the power of the Invincible Arrow. Instead, they sped up to reduce their casualties.

Austin quickly tugged at the bowstring. A second purple arrow shot through the sky.


This time Austin aimed at a master at the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm, who was the leader of the troops.

The arrow flashed through the void before suddenly appearing in front of the old man, who was dressed in grey.


Feeling that his life was in peril, the old man in grey let out a loud bellow and summoned a fancy nine-floor pagoda. The pagoda began absorbing all the surrounding vital energy.

As huge quantities of vital energy were infused into the p


Austin had arranged some members with a higher cultivation base around the grey cocoon and as guards for the queen.

"Who the hell are these people?"

"Damn it! We've been ambushed!"

The enemies attacking Austin were terrified when they saw the members of the evil shadow race attacking them from all directions.

Considering the number of evil shadow race members, and how many warriors the enemy had lost to Austin's purple arrows, the enemy was outnumbered.


The troops from the two sides instantly clashed with each other.

A great war had begun!

Austin did not stop shooting arrows this whole time. Since the enemy was still a distance away, he used the Invincible Bow to continue launching arrows.

The arrows shot by Austin pushed the Primal Holy Realm masters into a corner.

"Retreat! Retreat now!"

They glanced at each other in dismay. They realized that the battle was in Austin's favor. The members of the evil shadow race were very powerful, and they had intense killing intents.

Although the war had started minutes ago, they had already suffered a significant loss of warriors.

Hearing the Primal Holy Realm masters, the enemies fled from the battle, leaving their comrades' corpses on the ground.


No more resistance?"

Austin looked at the deserters, scornfully.

The pursuers were from a sect of high prestige. Earlier, they threatened to torture and kill Austin. However, after realizing that they were outnumbered and overwhelmed, they ran like cowards.

'Fine, whatever. The queen can have a quiet place to break through now.

I wonder how powerful she will become after the breakthrough.'

Austin turned and eagerly looked at the grey cocoon, which hovered above the lofty mountain.

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