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   Chapter 1226 The Queen Is Breaking Through

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10124

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A shrill scream resounded all around them as

another Primal Holy Realm master at the medium stage died at the hands of Priest Callum.

Thanks to his body movement skill which gave him the ability to be transparent, Priest Callum could slay any common Primal Holy Realm cultivators with ease.

Austin activated the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill to attack a Primal Holy Realm master at the preliminary stage. He then used the Five Spatial Blades technique to hit his enemy.

The master moved around to dodge the blades while still keeping a handle on the white flames in his Soul Sea.

However, the blades moved so rapidly that he didn't react in time, and his right arm was cut off. It dropped to the ground with a muffled thud, and the master let out a surprised and pained yelp.

The rest Primal Holy Realm cultivators who hadn't gotten injured were frustrated with this sequence of events.

They found it hard to believe that half of their companions sustained severe injuries or got killed.

After all, they were at the Primal Holy Realm and they were only facing two enemies. But maybe they had underestimated who they were up against.

Looking at their injured and dead companions, the remaining Primal Holy Realm masters gathered together to form a barrier with their bodies. They didn't dare to take the initiative to attack Austin or Priest Callum.

Sometimes strong cultivators were more afraid of death than weak ones. None of these Primal Holy Realm masters was willing to lose their life, for they had finally become well-respected figures in the country after years of cultivation.

An eerie silence fell over the area as both parties sized each other up.

The six remaining Primal Holy Realm masters stared at Austin and Priest Callum, staying alert but not making another move.

With the Slaughtering Sword in his hand, Austin glared at his enemies, his eyes icy cold.

Priest Callum stood beside Austin, holding his wand. They didn't take their eyes off of their opponents.

The crowd who watched them remained silent as well.

"It looks like the queen is going to break the cocoon.

We need to find a place for her to get through the Heavenly Doom, quickly!"

Priest Callum's voice could be heard clearly in Austin's Soul Sea all of a sudden.

"Do you mean we have to leave here right now?" Austin asked, looking surprised.

He didn't expect the queen to break the cocoon so soon.

"We can't let the queen stay in that City model anymore.

It lacks evil energy, which will negatively affect her making a breakthrough.

Transport her out now," Priest Callum urged.

His grip tightened on his wand, betraying how anxious he was feeling.

Austin understood what was going on immediately.

'The queen needs massive amounts of evil energy to break the cocoon, but there is no evil energy in my City model.

I should transport the queen out so that she can absorb evil energy from somewhere else, or she might fail to make the breakthrough, ' Austin talked himself

showed their terrifying powers.

We have no other choice but to take care of Austin with the rest of the cultivators, ' they mused.

Austin levitated in front of the mountain with the Slaughtering Sword in his hand.

Austin furrowed his eyebrows as he watched his pursuers approach him with murderous intent.

'If I fight these people near the mountain, the queen might get hit by accident. If that happens, she might not be able to break through and survive the damage.'

Austin touched his Space Ring, and a purple bow materialized in his hand.

It was none other than the Invincible Bow!

Austin hadn't used the bow since he had broken the third restriction applied to it.

Because of this, he didn't know the current power of the bow.

"I won't repeat myself, so listen carefully," Austin announced to the aggressive crowd. "I will kill anyone who approaches this mountain."

Austin's loud voice reverberated through the air.

He had used his vital energy force to ensure that his warning reached his pursuers' ears.

His words left all the cultivators taken aback.

"We promise not to approach the mountain if you release our men. If you don't hand them over to us, we will hunt you down no matter where you go,"

a Primal Holy Realm cultivator replied, making his voice just as loud.

"I don't want to slaughter people, but you left me no choice,"

Austin said coldly.

Meanwhile, another group of people turned up fifty kilometers away from the Heavenly Emperor City.

They each released terrifyingly strong vital energy force as they flew toward the city.

The ground below them seemed to shake violently due to their formidable vital energy powers.

They each held stern expressions on their faces.

The group was made up of a bunch of powerful cultivators.

"We're about to arrive at the Heavenly Emperor City!" one of them said hurriedly.

"Be quick! Let's go get that bastard."

"This time, I'll split Austin open." A cold voice promised with gritted teeth.

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