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   Chapter 1223 Attack First (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5977

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And obviously it was already late enough for him to do anything else at all.

Cold lights of five different colors suddenly appeared on his back, piercing through his body the lights emerged and shone on the other side.

From where the cold lights came out, five bloody gaping holes emerged on his chest.

"You.. filthy bastard!"

The elder of the Song Clan looked at Austin, desperate, confused, disappointed and horrified as he let out the helpless cry. It just took seconds before the life sparks were lost in his eyes and his dead body fell towards the ground. He still couldn't and yet would never understand how a powerful cultivator like himself would be kill like this.

"Yes! Bravo! The combination of the Five-element Space Daggers and Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill only could produce such a destructive force. That's just amazing!"

Austin muttered to himself, smiling broadly and satisfyingly at his feat.

It turned out that the cold lights of five different colors were called the Five-element Space Daggers.

The elder of the Song Clan had been a warrior of Primal Holy Realm and his spiritual sense was extremely powerful. If he had acted carefully and let go of his snobbery, he could have successfully sensed the sudden attack when Austin used the Five-element Space Daggers. But alas!

Unluckily, he had used up most of his spiritual senses to fight against Austin's white flames.

Austin had never expected the combination of the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill and the Five-element Space Daggers to be this powerful and formidable. It was almost scary.

Everybody at the spot was stunned by the sudden change of situation and the absolutely unprecedented outcome.

Seeing the elder of the Song Clan being hit by those blades and falling tow

ack and kill another warrior of Primal Holy Realm. That also with this much ease.

Besides, that Priest Callum was emitting evil energy as profound as a deep sea.

Those warriors of Primal Holy Realm saw this and were afraid of the serious consequences they would have to confront with Austin or the Priest Callum alone.

They had better deal with the two of them together. In this way, they could stand a better chance at taking their lives.

"Attack now!" The moment they had reached an agreement, they sprang into action finally.

A dozen warriors of Primal Holy Realm attacked Austin and Prince Callum together.

A dozen horrible vital energy forces, with a tremendous momentum, were flowing in the air and ready to destroy everything standing in their way.

"Oh my god!

Look at them. They're making the move now! They have joined forces to destroy Austin!"

The crowd of onlookers got excited at the possible destruction.

They didn't even dare to think about the possible consequences if a dozen warriors of Primal Holy Realm decided to attack together. And here they were.

Those warriors were about to attack a youngster and an old man with all their strength.

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