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   Chapter 1222 Attack First (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6214

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"Austin, it is time you die!"

The tall and well-built elder from the Song Clan was the first one to attack Austin. Seeing his promising nephew Jasper die brutally in front of him, he hated Austin to the bone. He wouldn't care anything else anymore. He wanted Austin dead, and he wanted it then and there.

As for other warriors of Primal Holy Realm, they were staying vigilant on the periphery ready to deliver any action on order.

They did it because they had confidence in themselves and their joint strength. They could not even imagine that Austin alone could break their siege and escape.

The confidence came from the extreme renown as great warriors of Primal Holy Realm. They couldn't tolerate themselves being despised by others since so many of them shamelessly laid siege on a lesser warrior who was merely at the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm.

The elder from the Song Clan just pointed out a finger, and the spiritual energy from heaven and earth started to rush towards him all of a sudden. Violent winds were rising and ripping through the ground like going crazy. A chaotic situation took over.

The sky was immediately covered in dark clouds, twirling and brewing.

Suddenly, a giant finger became visible in the sky, emitting violent waves of vital energy force. It flew with full force towards Austin.

"It's Song Clan's secret skill, the Sky-cracking Finger,"

a guy standing nearby screeched breathlessly.

Two enormous golden balls surged up from Austin's elixir field in the blink of an eye.

The two balls exited from his body and appeared to confront the Sky-cracking Finger.


The two golden balls successfully resisted the attack of the finger.

The formidable shock waves with vital energy force erupted from the collision. It destroyed everything around. It was as if huge waves from tsunami cr

ly death.

"Humph, Austin, you must have a death wish. Don't hate me for killing you. In your next life, think very carefully before you mess with the wrong guy again!"

uttered the elder from the Song Clan while using all his spiritual sense against the white flames in his Soul Sea to save himself.

Meanwhile, he was giving such a deathly stare to Austin since he thought Austin surely would die here.

However, Austin wasn't the one to give up without struggling first. He released his four million pounds worth of physical strength and tried to dodge the attack. Then, he seemed to be able to move his body a bit.

But, a bit was far from enough. If he couldn't get rid of his current situation, he wouldn't survive. He then got an idea.

Although his physical body was stuck in place, his spiritual sense wasn't.

At such a critical situation, he uttered a spell under his breath using full might.

Suddenly, the elder from the Song Clan felt something dangerous closing in.

The dangers were coming from behind him.

"Don't you dare!"

he shouted at the top of his voice. His hairs stood on end. He moved his body forward, trying to rush out from there.

But he was still too slow for Austin's counterattack.

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