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   Chapter 1221 Austin Must Die

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"I'm going to suck the life out of both of you and no one can stop me this time!"

Austin said arrogantly and completely nonchalantly while focusing calmly on his mind control.

A white flame suddenly flickered in Nate's Soul Sea.

It then burst into violent flames and started leaping and burning wildly

"Ouch!" Nate let out the most painful scream.

Nate's cultivation base was just at the medium stage of Tribulation Realm. His spiritual sense was much weaker than Austin's. He naturally was unable to bear that sort of a pain.

In the wink of an eye, most of the spiritual sense in his Soul Sea had been completely ambushed by the fire.

Unable to endure the excruciating pain, Nate crashed on the ground and rolled on the street as he screamed in pain with his arms wrapped around his head.

"Don't panic, Nate. I will help you," shouted a stout man, who was at the medium stage of Primal Holy Realm as he saw Nate's desperation.

He jumped down and stood beside Nate who was still screeching in anguish.

He observed Nate for a while to understand what was actually happening and as far as he could tell, Nate was being attacked by strong spiritual sense force.

The stout man from the Primal Holy Realm instantly released a strong spiritual sense and controlled it to enter Nate's Sea Soul to relieve him.

The Primal Holy Realm master with his timely intervention attempted to drive the cloud of fire out of Nate's Soul Sea with his spiritual sense.

But no matter how hard he tried, he simply failed to get the white flame out of Nate's Soul Sea and reduce the suffering.

Austin's spiritual sense was evidently stronger than his.

And naturally after just a few moments, all the spiritual sense in Nate's Soul Sea had been exhausted and destroyed.

The white flame came at his spiritual soul and burnt it into ashes.

Nate stopped rolling on the ground frantically as if he calmed down and slipped into some slumber.

Till the moment he let out his last breath, Nate still couldn't believe that Austin who had been surrounded by several thousands of strong cultivators could finish him off with such ease and galore.

Nate died on the spot then and there without giving anyone time to realize what just happened. His eyes were wide open in sheer shock at the way his life was made almost futile and snatched away from him.

"Austin, I will personally come for you!" the stout Primal Holy Realm master hollered, trembling in fury and promised to avenge Nate's death.

As he witnessed Nate's excruciating death in front of him, he was overcome with sadness and grief.

The stout man was a member of the Kong Clan, and his main motive in the battle was to capture Austin with other cultivators in the Heavenly Emperor City.

"Now it's your turn, you scum!"

After using his spiritual sense and making sure that Nate was dead, Austin now turned his full attention towards Jasper. Austin stared at him coldly, his eyes full of fury. He would slaughter Jasper now.

"Uncle Simon, please!" shouted Jasper in utter desperation as he realized the danger that was about to befall on him.

After witnessing Nate's death, Jasper was already scared. He didn't want to die the same painful way and yet he could do anything about it other than waiting for the end because Austin was not exactly known for his mercy.

Just a couple of minutes ago, Jasper was quite confident and didn't think that Austin would be able to take him out. B

ot towards the sky, then with an ear-piercing roar, flew towards the Space-controlling Palm.

The next second, they clashed with the giant palm head on.

The balls simply shattered the huge palm into million particles.

At the same time Austin wielded his Slaughtering Sword unleashing several streaks of bloody sword aura which mercilessly attacked Simon.

Simon was completely taken aback by the amount of power. He hadn't expected Austin to be so strong. In a panic, he activated his bodily movement skill to dodge the blows.

"His cultivation base is at the Heaven Realm!"

"Austin's cultivation base is unbelievably at the Heaven Realm! When did this happen?"

Earlier when Austin had disguised himself and pretended to be Elder Tad from the Magic Hand Sect, he had concealed his true vital energy. He was so sly and smart. He completely misled the warriors.

But since he had to use the sword for his own, he could no longer hide his true vital energy.

After understanding Austin's cultivation base, everyone present there started to whisper to one another about the twist in the situation.

Only a year ago, Austin was just a Master Realm cultivator; but now the vital energy he released showed that he was at the Heaven Realm.

It was a huge leap for any warrior.

It only took Austin a year to reach the Heaven Realm from the Master Realm. They thought Austin was an exceptional genius.

They were so surprised by this achievement that they could not even say anything.

"Oh my gosh!


So Austin is at the Heaven Realm now?"

someone let out an expression of exclamation.

"Is... Is he a monster? How could anyone humanly make this kind of progress?"

someone let out an envious murmur.

Those cultivators suddenly became aware that the young man they were against was an exceptional talent in the martial arts.

"Austin needs to die immediately.

If he becomes stronger he will kill all of us,"

someone said excitedly.

"You're absolutely right. He can't live to see another day!"

another agreed.

The twelve Primal Holy Realm masters had already realized that Austin was a dangerous opponent to be kept alive.

They exchanged glances in agreement, and everyone knew what they had to do.

And that was they pledged to end Austin's life.

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