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   Chapter 1220 To Come Under Siege (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5881

Updated: 2019-11-05 05:38

There was a great disparity in number as well as in strength. Thus, in more ways than one, it truly seemed that Austin had met his end that day.

However, in spite of being surrounded by such a malicious crowd and facing twelve Primal Holy Realm masters, Austin still remained peculiarly confident, and even quite serene. His vital energy was already in his Slaughtering Sword, making it apparent that he was ready to kill and slaughter anyone who went against him.

"Everybody just calm down! Listen to me before it's too late!" yelled the very old man.

The old man put a stop to the uproar of the crowd. Austin, like everyone else, turned his attention to the old man, and, for the first time, he noticed that while the old man was only dressed in a simple but solemn gray robe, it seemed that this man was the man in charge of the place.

Even though he looked weak and incompetent, the old man made himself heard by adding vital energy force to his voice. However, this also made his voice sound unnatural -- it sounded more like thunder than a human's voice.

Austin fixed his gaze upon this old man who seemed to enjoy high prestige and command universal respect in the kingdom and waited to hear what else the old man had to say.

As soon as the respected and revered old man spoke up, the crowd quieted down.

"Austin, listen to me. Neither I nor my people meant to cause you any harm. So now that you have already rescued your friends from us, maybe it's time for you to release our people as well. What do you say?"

We don't want to ask anything to offset the damage, but these people -- they are our families and friends. We must get them back or our people will eat us alive.

Please release the hostages before things get even more

tor his entire cultivation base and accumulation was much crueler than merely killing the man because weak and incapable warriors were like rabbits who had fallen into a hole full of predators.

Therefore, there was no way that Austin was going to let them live. It was the least he could do to take revenge for Evan and Herbert since there wasn't anything anyone, not even Austin, could do to recover their lost cultivation base.

"Oh Austin, you are so arrogant. I hate you so much that I just want to drink your blood and eat your flesh.

You want to kill me? How hilarious.

Keep your eyes open and see what the situation is right now, you damned snob.

I think you'd better run for your life now. Be realistic, you asshole."

Jasper burst out into laughter.

His laughter sounded like a crying little girl -- shrill and high-pitched.

"Austin, I am just waiting for you to piss and shit yourself. Once that happens, then I am going to kill you," said the bear-like man, whose name was Nate Kong.

They were so confident that Austin could do nothing to them in front of that many master warriors given how heavily besieged Austin was in that moment.

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