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   Chapter 1218 I Am Austin Lin

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"Let's get out of here first,"

Austin said to Evan and Herbert with a reassuring smile.

The sight of his friends reminded Austin of the days and nights they had spent together in the Sun Sect. Those memories were very precious to him.

But evidently this was not the right place for them to reminisce about the old days.

Austin sent Evan, Herbert, Nathan and several other members of the evil shadow race along with a dozen young men into the City model.

"Let's go!" Austin said to Priest Callum.

Now that he had saved his friends, he did not believe there was a need for them to stay there.

Austin and Priest Callum moved into the magic array nearly at the same time.

"Stop them!"

the five Primal Holy Realm masters shouted as they finally came back to their senses.

When they realized they had been tricked by Austin, they went ballistic.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The five of them used their best martial skills to attack Austin and Priest Callum.

Their movements cut through the air.

But they were not fast enough.

With a flash of the light both their enemies vanished.

It was a teleportation array which meant that anyone who entered it would be transported away.

"Let's go get them! We can't let them get away!" said one of the five Primal Holy Realm masters with conviction.

As soon as Austin and Priest Callum disappeared, the five masters followed them into the magic array.

In total, there were thirteen Primal Holy Realm masters in the Heavenly Emperor City.

Elder Tad was nowhere to be found since the "Elder Tad" they saw was actually Austin. So apart from the five other elders who were responsible for keeping an eye on Austin's friends, there were still seven outside the dungeon.

When Austin and Priest Callum exited the dungeon, the seven Primal Holy Realm cultivators in the city had been informed of what had happened.

The seven masters each flew towards the prison at a unbelievably fast speed.

The next minute, Austin and Priest Callum appeared in the magic array of the palace above the dungeon.

"Go get them!" one of the Heaven Realm cultivators bellowed.

Then they attacked their enemies together as a single unit.

They had already received a message from the five Primal Holy Realm cultivators that these two people had broken into the jail and released their prisoners.


ums almost burst and even their spiritual souls trembled a little by the sound of his voice. Aghast as they were, they were in awe of this elder.

The elder in grey was highly respected and admired in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, so people didn't stop to doubt what he said.

"I see..."

The speculators then understood what was going on.

"Who the hell are you?

How dare you pretend to be Elder Tad?"

The disciples of the Magic Hand Sect started cursing Austin.

Elder Tad was an important and respectful figure in the Magic Hand Sect. The people of this sect were angry when they found out that someone pretended to be their idol.

"Who are you, sir?

Why did you pretend to be Elder Tad?"

asked the elder in grey angrily with his menacing gaze upon Austin.

Austin broke out laughing. "Alright. I'll tell you know who I am," he said.

Now that he had been spotted, he thought there was no longer a need to pretend to be Elder Tad.

Besides, Evan and Herbert had been captured by those people because of Austin.

Austin thought it would be in his interest to let them know that he only was the one who had gotten his friends out.

When he laughed, his body and soul returned to its original appearance.

"He is Austin Lin!"

"Yes, it's him!"

All of a sudden, the crowd screamed in disbelief.

Everyone from the major sects and prominent clans in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom knew what Austin looked like.

Hence, they recognized him immediately.

"Yes, I am Austin Lin,"

Austin said coldly as he looked at the crowd.

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