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   Chapter 1217 Rescue

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10077

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"Thank you so much, sir!"

the handsome young man with a fair and pearly white skin giddily replied. He was so happy and grinned from ear to ear when he got the permission.

He then started to walk towards the iron cage, his companions in tow, and stretched out his arms as if warming-up.


Rays of dazzling light suddenly burst and surged up around the cage. Several arrays, appeared out of nowhere at the next second.

There were two types of arrays; some were for defense, and the rest were for offense. Enveloped within the arrays were Evan and Herbert, who were locked up in the cage.

The defensive arrays were like a thick barrier which easily prevented anyone from entering. While the offensive arrays attack anyone who dared to get close to the cage without permission.

"Don't let them die!"

said a Primal Holy Realm cultivator. The very moment he waved his hand, those arrays opened up a space which served as an entrance.

Then the dozens of young men haughtily marched into the cage through the entrance.

Austin stared at the men coldly as they entered the cage. His eyes blazed with anger.

It was obvious that those young men were itching to torture Evan and Herbert.

And Austin could tell it was not their first time to do this. They must have done this countless of times before.

He guessed that most of the wounds Evan and Herbert had suffered were those guys handiwork. There was no doubt about that.

All the disciples of the famous sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom prided themselves of being just and upright. They believed that no one was above the law and justice must be served.

But it was all a sham. What they did to achieve their goals was totally opposite to their so-called righteousness and morality. They were all despicable assholes. Despite that, people turned their heads the other way with their actions, because in this cruel world, only the law of the jungle prevailed.

Evan and Herbert were two innocent people who suffered what they had never even experienced in their entire life after they were captured by those sects. They were tortured in the most painful way possible by these animals.

Austin originally planned to just sit back and wait for the perfect moment to rescue them because it was just too risky.

But after Austin witnessed what the two had suffered and endured, it totally changed his mind. He couldn't turn a blind eye anymore.

Every second was crucial. For each second that he sat there and did nothing, Evan and Herbert suffered even more.

What's even worse, Austin couldn't afford to waste any more time considering how serious their injuries were. It could mean life or death for the both of them.

Austin couldn't just stand back in silence and watch his best friends continue to suffer cruelly. Every wound he saw was like a knife piercing through his heart. It was just too painful to watch.

Austin made up his mind in a blink of an eye. He couldn't care less the risk and decided to carry

ng to plan, and there were no hitches along the way.

"You are so screwed!"

The five Primal Holy Realm cultivators were all taken by surprise with the sudden attacks initiated by Austin and Priest Callum. They weren't after all expecting anyone who would dare to attack them in their territory.

Priest Callum was at the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm, and he was much stronger than the cultivators who were at the same stage as him.

Austin on the other hand had reached the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm, and could finally exert more power from the Slaughtering Sword as compared before.

By working together, they had successfully distracted all the five Primal Holy Realm cultivators. Their tandem was a force to be reckoned with.

While the five Primal Holy Realm cultivators were busy fighting against the attacks and defending themselves, Austin and his teammates had succeeded in saving his friends out of harm's way.

Rage blazed in their chests.

"You are not Elder Tad! Who the hell are you?!"

the cultivator at the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm yelled at Austin.

His spiritual sense had noticed that Austin's spiritual soul was slightly different from Elder Tad's.

It was possible for a Primal Holy Realm cultivator to easily see through Violet's illusion trick. Violet had warned Austin about this before.

Nathan had safely taken Evan and Herbert to Austin who was still watching the five Primal Holy Realm cultivators from a distance.

"Tin, is that you? Tin! It's really you!"

Evan was still in a daze. Everything happened in a blur, and he being saved still hadn't sunk in.

He could not believe his eyes when he saw someone come to his rescue, and a mixture of joy and disbelief flooded his eyes.

"Tin! Thank god! You are here to save me!"

Herbert cried. He was much more observant than Evan, so he soon figured out that Austin came here to rescue them. That very fact touched him so much that tears suddenly started to flow from his eyes.

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