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   Chapter 1215 Master Li

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Apart from Tad, there were five cultivators of the Primal Holy Realm guarding the dungeon of the Heavenly Emperor City.

One of them was at the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm, while two were at the middle stage and the other two were at the preliminary stage.

Even with the help of Priest Callum, Austin was well aware that there was still no way he could defeat them.

More than that, there was also a total of thirteen cultivators of the Primal Holy Realm in the Heavenly Emperor City.

This meant that besides the five who were guarding the jail, there were more all around the city.

Thus, Austin knew that he would have to be careful and patient this time.

He needed to pick the right moment before launching a lethal attack on his enemies.

Because if those five cultivators caught him and joined their forces together, he would be in big trouble

Austin hunkered down and closed his eyes as he used his spiritual sense to check out the dungeon

while contemplating on how to infiltrate the well-guarded place and safely get his friends out.

Just as Austin impersonated Elder Tad and sneaked into the jail of the Heavenly Emperor City trying to save his friends, another group of people gathered

at the opening in front of the wooden huts somewhere far away.

These wooden huts

were perched on a mountain of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

The gathering was full of men and women who were all giving off an aura of true power. Their vital energy force was so strong that it engulfed the entire mountaintop.

"Master Li, Austin was so brutal and treacherous. Even though he is still young, he truly is one of the most vicious people I have ever seen.

Up until now, there are still fifty or sixty thousand disciples from out eleven sects and clans who are in his captivity.

There will be no peace in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom for as long as he is breathing. I am sure of it!

So our eleven sects and clans have prepared gifts for you. We would be grateful if Master Li could locate the whereabouts of Austin for us

tors of the Primal Holy Realm were all getting some sleep to adjust their breath and sharpen their senses.

As cultivators of the Primal Holy Realm, they actually spent most of their time practicing or sharpening their senses even further.

After a while, Austin began to realize that the force spying on him was actually coming from the sky.

It sounded unrealistic yet it felt very real.

But the good news was that it disappeared just moments later.


Back in the opening in front of the hut, Master Li suddenly twitched and spat out blood.

"Master Li, what happened?"

Everyone else was shocked at this sudden turn of events.

"I am fine. I can't believe how truly gifted and blessed Austin is. Spying on him is going to cost me dearly for sure."

Master Li slowly opened his eyes. His face looked as pale as a snow.

The three turtle shells in front of him had disappeared now.

"In the Heavenly Emperor City, beware of your own!

This is what I have learned from spying on him,"

Master Li said.

Everyone else looked dumbfounded at Master Li's quite cryptic message.

"Do you mean that Austin is inside the Heavenly Emperor City right now and is dressed like one of ours?"

someone speculated.

Master Li slowly nodded in agreement.

"Shit! He is impersonating one of our men to save his friends!"

someone shouted in shock.

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