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   Chapter 1214 Enter The Dungeon Of The Heavenly Emperor City

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Just as Austin began activating the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill to handle Elder Tad, a transparent figure appeared behind the elder.

It was Priest Callum.


Priest Callum's magic wand transformed into a gray dragon that flew toward Elder Tad.

Austin was surprised and delighted as he sensed the evil energy released by Priest Callum.

He had reached the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm.

Priest Callum's bodily movement skill was incredible. Not only was he invisible, but he was undetectable by spiritual sense.

At this point, Elder Tad was focused on the white flame in his Soul Sea.

It wasn't until Priest Callum attacked him did Elder Tad notice him.

Caught off guard, Elder Tad was too shocked to think of any martial skill with which to withstand the upcoming blow.

He ground his teeth as powerful vital energy gushed from his body and formed a visible wall behind him.


Priest Callum's wand collided with the thick wall of vital energy.

Elder Tad trembled slightly and coughed up blood.

His face turned pale instantly.

Obviously, Priest Callum was stronger than him.

Besides, since he had to handle the white flame in his Soul Sea, Elder Tad could only activate sixty percent of his vital energy to defend himself.

As a result, he sustained injuries in the first round against Priest Callum.

"Abelard, you colluded with an outsider to trap me. Why did you do this?"

Elder Tad bellowed as he glared at Austin, who had transformed himself to look like Elder Abelard.

He was still under the impression that the impostor before him was Elder Abelard.

Austin summoned the Slaughtering Sword and infused his vital energy into it.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

He swung his sword several times, and several bloody sword aura beams flew toward Elder Tad.

Startled, Elder Tad patted his chest, and a white shield emerged from his body.

The shield was a high-grade holy weapon!


The bloody sword aura smashed the white shield however!

A holy weapon couldn't defend against a blow from an archaic weapon.

Elder Tad spat more blood.

Austin was overjoyed. 'It looks like the power of the Slaughtering Sword i

what had happened, the five elders didn't push him further.

After all, some sect matters were confidential, and it was reasonable for high-level elders to choose not to share these with outsiders.

Austin didn't dare to engage the five Primal Holy Realm cultivators in conversation because he was afraid that they would see through his deception.

'Violet said that cultivators whose cultivation bases were below the Heaven Realm, couldn't see through her illusion.

But these people are at the Primal Holy Realm. If they get suspicious, they might find out that I am not Tad, ' Austin contemplated.

Luckily, the five Primal Holy Realm cultivators didn't pay any further attention to Austin.

With a sigh of relief, Austin unleashed his spiritual sense to check on Evan and Herbert.

He perceived several wounds on their bodies.

What shocked him more was that he couldn't sense any vital energy coming from his friends.

'It looks like the rumors are true, '

Austin thought as anger swelled within him.

'Evan and Herbert have lost their cultivation bases.'

He felt sorry for his friends.

'If it weren't for me, they wouldn't have ended up like this, ' he thought as guilt coursed through him.

Meanwhile, Austin's hatred for the sects and clans which were involved in his friends' kidnapping increased.

In particular, he despised the Song Clan and the Kong Clan.

'Rest assured, Evan, Herbert. I'll avenge you, ' he swore to himself.

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