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   Chapter 1213 Trick

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While impersonating Elder Abelard of the Magic Hand Sect, Austin gained a general understanding of the situation of the Heavenly Emperor City.

Obviously, the defense of the Heavenly Emperor City was very tight, and there were many powerful cultivators inside it.

But more than that, Austin got some news.

Apparently, the most heavily guarded place in the whole Heavenly Emperor City was the prison.

There were at least six masters of the Primal Holy Realm who were guarding the prison of the Heavenly Emperor City.

Moreover, there were many arrays arranged in the prison.

Since the prison had such a strong defensive force, it was rather difficult for a person to break into it to save the prisoners inside.

Austin knew that the only way for him to rescue his friends was to outwit his enemies instead of using violence against them.

After racking his brains for ideas, Austin finally came up with a way for him to save his friends!

It occurred to him that among the six masters in the prison of the Heavenly Emperor City, one belonged to the Magic Hand Sect.

Austin decided to pretend to be him in order to sneak into the prison.

The problem was that the five masters of the Primal Holy Realm who also stood guard in the prison would not leave the prison under any normal circumstance.

Therefore, before anything else, he had to find a way to lure the master of the Magic Hand Sect out of the prison.

Before he carried out his plan, Austin first came back to Elder Abelard's secret chamber.

"I hope my plan will work,"

Austin said to himself.

Then, he rubbed the Space Ring.

And a small strange-looking tree appeared in front of him.

The small tree was three feet in height with branches and leaves that were all crystal clear. It was as if they were polished from crystal itself. Because of that, the whole tree looked transparent, making it quite pleasing to look at.

All sorts of mysterious aura emanated from the small tree.

Austin obtained the small tree when he was in the cave of the three-headed ghostly python in the small alternate dimension.

Austin had no idea what the origin of the small tree actually was.

However, he was quite sure that it was a rare and precious natural treasure.

Treasures like that had an absolutely fatal attraction to cultivators.

With that in mind, Austin decided to use the small tree to lure out the master of the Magic Hand Sect who was serving as a guardian of the prison of the Heavenly Emperor City.

Austin took out a Contact Jade Slip and imprinted the shape of the small tree onto it.

Afterwards, Austin walked out of Elder Abelard's secret chamber.

"You give this Contact Jade Slip to Elder Tad."

Austin handed over the Contact Jade Slip to one of the disciples of the Magic Hand Sect and sent him away.

Elder Abelard was the person in charge of that stronghold of the Magic Hand Sect. Thus, since the disciple knew that the order came from Elder Abelard, he did not dare to snub it.

Just as Austin had predicted, the disciple immediately took the Contact Jade Slip and headed for the prison of the Heavenly Emperor City.

Elder Tad, the

realized that the small tree he had was actually called the Dragon Crystal Tree.

Moments ago, Austin, while disguised as Elder Abelard, sent a message to Elder Tad through the Contact Jade Slip, saying that he had found an ancient cave near the Heavenly Emperor City.

There were many treasures in the ancient cave, and one of which was the small tree.

However, since there was a very powerful array in the cave that he could not break by himself, he had to ask Elder Tad for help.

After receiving Austin's Contact Jade Slip, Elder Tad immediately recognized the small tree as the legendary Dragon Crystal Tree and hurriedly rushed to the scene as fast as he could.

"What can this Dragon Crystal Tree do?"

Austin asked with curiosity.

"Let's talk about that later. For now, take me to the ancient cave as soon as possible so that we can break the array ban of that cave and get the Dragon Crystal Tree. This is the most important thing we need to accomplish right now,"

Elder Tad urged Austin with a mixture of both excitement and anxiety. He could not wait to get his hands on the Dragon Crystal Tree.

"Ha-ha, you don't need to be in such a hurry.

I'd like to hear more about the Dragon Crystal Tree first,"

Austin said with a smile.

All of a sudden, Elder Tad fell silent as he got the feeling that something was going wrong, "Elder Abelard, what exactly do you mean?

Did you come here to cheat me?"

Elder Tad shouted at Austin upon noticing the odd expression on his face. Since his cultivation base was already at the Primal Holy Realm, his mind was quite sharp, and his spiritual sense was also naturally very strong, therefore, he was quite condescending of the man in front of him.

Austin immediately knew that Elder Tad was getting suspicious of him, so he immediately used his mind power to practice the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill.

Then, all of a sudden, a blazing white flame lit up in Elder Tad's soul sea.

"Abelard, what on earth are you doing right now?"

Elder Tad's face became purple with anger, as he shouted at Austin in a harsh voice.

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