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   Chapter 1212 Pretending To Be Elder Abelard

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"Master, I encountered a challenging problem when cultivating. This issue is affecting my cultivation significantly.

Just as I was practicing a moment ago, something went wrong, and I almost made a terrible mistake and almost lost control of myself. So, I have come to you for advice at this time of the night,"

Austin bemoaned to Elder Abelard.

"Oh? Is it that bad?

Then come in and tell me about it in detail. What is the problem that you are facing?

I can help you overcome it,"

Elder Abelard said from inside the secret room.

Then, the door to the secret room swung open.

"Thank you, master,"

Austin said with great respect before entering the secret room.

At that moment, Austin's physical appearance and spiritual soul aura matched that of Elder Abelard's eldest disciple.

Perhaps this was why Elder Abelard did not doubt Austin's story. He believed that the man coming to the secret room was his eldest disciple.

Elder Abelard's cultivation base was at the medium stage of Heaven Realm, and he could not see through Violet's illusion at all.

"Come! Let me check your energy meridians first.

We'll see what is going on with the vital energy inside your body."

Concern laced Elder Abelard's voice as he spoke to Austin.

The eldest disciple was Elder Abelard's favorable one. He had taught the boy all his skills, including that of refining pills.

Now that his favorable disciple was experiencing a problem, Elder Abelard was worried about him, of course.

"Okay. Thank you for your concern, master," Austin replied.

Austin was overjoyed. He was looking forward to the opportunity to get close to Elder Abelard.

Obediently, Austin sat down in front of Elder Abelard.

Elder Abelard stretched two fingers and placed them on Austin's wrist to sense his pulse.

All of a sudden, Austin released the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill controlled by his mind.

Inside Elder Abelard's Soul Sea, a white flame appeared. Soon the flame started to burn intensely.

"What the hell is that?"

Elder Abelard's face paled.

Austin's spiritual sense was stronger than that of a cultivator at the Primal Holy Realm.

And Elder Abelard was merely at the medium stage of Heaven Realm.

Instantly, Elder Abelard's spiritual sense inside his Soul Sea started to bur

vated in Elder Abelard's secret room.

The next day, Austin roamed around inside Heavenly Emperor City while pretending to be Elder Abelard.

Austin knew that he had to be cautious. And hence, he went about at a normal pace.

He intended to use this opportunity to study everything inside Heavenly Emperor City.

For example, Austin wanted to understand how many defensive forces were stationed in the Heavenly Emperor City. He also wanted to study their layout. It would also be prudent to know how many powerful cultivators from each sect were present in the Heavenly Emperor City.

Austin also sought to locate the prison in the Heavenly Emperor City. Since he wanted to break Evan and Herbert out of prison, Austin needed to make a detailed plan, including finding an escape route.

One by one, Austin visited all places of importance for each sect inside the Heavenly Emperor City. The whole time he walked around, Austin pretended to be Elder Abelard.

He aimed to make sure that he knew everything about the defensive strength inside the Heavenly Emperor City.

The result shocked Austin.

Eleven large sects and clans had sent elite members to stay in the Heavenly Emperor City.

In the end, Austin got a pretty good idea of the strength of the Heavenly Emperor City.

He knew that thirteen cultivators at the Primal Holy Realm guarded the Heavenly Emperor City!

What was more, there were over thirty cultivators at the Heaven Realm.

The number of cultivators below the Tribulation Realm was significantly higher.

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