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   Chapter 1211 The Suffering Of Evan And Herbert

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Upon entering the Heavenly Emperor City, Austin wanted to find out where Evan and Herbert were detained more than anything else.

He thought about it for a second, and then he proceeded to go into a lively restaurant on the side of the street.

When Austin entered the restaurant, he saw some warriors who were drinking while talking and laughing boisterously.

The moment he saw them, Austin could immediately tell that the strength of those warriors was mediocre.

On the other hand, they were the type of warriors who were always the most curious bunch. Thus, they would have been more conscious of what was happening in the city.

They were exactly why Austin went into the restaurant -- he hoped to learn something about the whereabouts of Evan and Herbert through the conservation of these warriors.

Austin found himself a cozy spot and ordered some food and a drink. While he was drinking, he unleashed his spiritual sense to eavesdrop on the conversation of these warriors.

It wasn't long before Austin got exactly what he came for.

"Hey guys, do you think Austin will come to the Heavenly Emperor City and rescue his two friends?

I heard that the top-notch sects are now joining forces to hunt Austin down in the entire Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom,"

said one Warrior who was sitting at the table right next to Austin.

"I don't think he has the balls to come here.

We haven't heard anything about him for almost a month now.

He must have found a place where he can lay low.

I mean, he can't possibly think that he can take on a dozen sects all by himself, right?"

the other warrior speculated.

"I think it's still too early to tell for now.

He does have some balls. Didn't you hear that there are tens of thousands of disciples from the different sects in his hands now?

He even has a couple of Holy Heritors and Elders in captivity.

Judging from this, I don't believe that he would be too scared to do anything,"

another warrior refuted.

"I agree. This is the first time I have ever heard about anything like this.

He is a twenty-something young man who is daring enough to challenge tens of thousands of disciples from these prestigious sects.

He is no ordina

one else in the room.

And upon noticing this, he yelped in shock and jumped to his feet in an attempt to put on some clothes.

In that moment, he felt a sharp pain in his Soul Sea and he passed out.

Meanwhile, just as the woman was about to scream, a vital energy force suddenly hit her in the head and knocked her out in an instant.

"My apologies for ruining your night."

The shadow was actually Austin.

And the man who was in bed a few moments ago was actually one of the disciples of the Magic Hand Sect.

More specifically, he was the chief disciple of Elder Abelard.

Since he was quite lecherous and also a regular of the place, Austin was able to follow him all the way there.

After knocking them out, Austin immediately sent the two unconscious people into his City model.

Then, with his Appearance-transforming Clothes, he changed his appearance to look exactly like the man. He even asked Violet to alter the aura of his spiritual soul to match that of the disciple.

Without wasting a moment more, Austin left the Tender Land and proceeded to the stronghold of the Magic Hand Sect.

Once he was there, Austin was able to successfully gain access into one of the strongholds of the Magic Hand Sect in the Heavenly Emperor City.

Then, he made it to the chamber where Elder Abelard was cultivating without raising any suspicion.

"What do you need from me this late in the night?"

Elder Abelard asked before Austin could even say anything.

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