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   Chapter 1210 The Heavenly Emperor City

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After Austin got into the City, the very first thing he did was to check on the Queen.

Her body was now wrapped in a gray cocoon. Austin released his spiritual sense and was surprised to find that the gray cocoon had been formed by an abundance of strong evil energy.

The priest of the evil shadow race, Callum, noticed his bewilderment. He explained the phenomenon in a lucid manner to Austin in order to put him at ease.

It was only then he understood that that this gray cocoon was formed due to a special formula practiced by the Queen.

She was cultivating herself inside the cocoon. The strength of her cultivation base would be multiplied when the cocoon breaks open finally. It was a lot like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a majestic butterfly.

'The Queen was at the medium stage of Primal Holy Realm. After the breakthrough, I am sure that she would at least enter the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm.'

Thinking about this, Austin felt a rush of expectation rise within him.

But right now, he had a more crucial task to complete. He was supposed to leave for the Heavenly Emperor City to save Evan and Herbert as soon as the sun rose tomorrow.

But before he set off on his journey to the Heavenly Emperor City, he needed some time to strengthen and improve his ability in all aspects.

He wanted to be more confident in his ability to save them.

After all, the Queen was cultivating inside the gray cocoon at present and he had no clue about how long it would take for her to get out.

Without assistance from a powerful being like the Queen, the probability of his rescue being successful declined drastically.

Austin would have better chances at saving them if he would equip himself with more strength before he set out.

So he left and found a spot on a secluded street. He sat down cross-legged in preparation to cultivate.

Ever since Austin had stepped into the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm in the underground palace, the golden ball in his elixir field had begun growing. At present the radius covered several feet in area. This golden ball indicated the second stage of the Golden Sun Scripture.

Austin had a feeling that he was on the verge of completing the practice of the second stage of the Golden Sun Scripture

With a little more practice, he could make it.

The third golden ball still hadn't come into being.

The practice of the second stage of the Golden Sun Scripture was accomplished only when birth was given to this third ball.

'Fine! I'll seize the right moment, when the circumstances are favorable to sail in. Then I'll try to accomplish the second stage of the Golden Sun Scripture, ' Austin thought to himself.

Austin controlled the golden ball with his mind. It came out of his elixir field and floated above his head.

Then he placed his hands on his Space Ring, summoning millions of superior vital en

due to his remarkable spiritual sense.

"Evan and Herbert! You just wait for me. I'm coming for you,"

Austin said slowly and firmly after he placed the Invincible Bow back into the Space Ring.

Then, with one decisive movement, he teleported himself out of the City model and appeared at the edge of a raging river.

He released his vital energy that instantly formed a defense around him. It repelled the water and protected him from the flowing water.

Then he put away the treasure, made a move, and broke out of the river.

He flew up and stopped mid-air.

Looking around, he was able to confirm the direction of the Heavenly Emperor City. He then took out the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and boarded upon it.

The Dragon and Phoenix Chariot vibrated slightly upon activation. Then, taking Austin along, it disappeared from the scene.

They advanced so quickly that the very next day, Austin could see a huge city appearing in the distance, at the horizon

It looked like as though a giant beast was squatting on the ground.

It was just the Heavenly Emperor City which was located in the east of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. It was known to be one of the most prosperous cities.

Austin stopped the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot at an open field in a forest when he was still several miles away from the Heavenly Emperor City.

Then he put away the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and put on the Appearance-transforming Clothes so as to disguise himself into an ordinary-looking middle-aged man.

After that, he asked Violet to use her illusion ability to change his spiritual soul aura.

After all of these changes are done, there could be no one who would be able to recognize him.

After everything was prepared with caution, Austin walked towards the gate of the Heavenly Emperor City, full of confidence.

'Don't worry. I'll get you out of there safe and sound, '

Austin whispered in his heart.

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