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   Chapter 1209 Escape From The Polarity Sect's Headquarters

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Austin remained cautious when attacked by an overmatch at the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm.

He summoned the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill and targeted the overmatch.

Immediately, a white flame appeared in the purple-clad old man's Soul Sea.

Then, the flame started to burn the spiritual sense in the old man's Soul Sea.

"You're not Hoyt!

Who are you? !"

The old man knew that the white flame in his Soul Sea belonged to a spiritual sense attack.

To his horror, the old man also learned that Austin's spiritual sense was stronger than his.

Considering Austin's skills and cultivation base, the old man realized that Austin wasn't an inner disciple of the Polarity Sect.

Never in all his years had the old man come across an inner disciple whose spiritual sense was beyond the spiritual sense of a superior elder.

Taking advantage of the old man's shock, Austin activated the Demonic Teleportation Skill. Instantly, he passed by the old man and appeared at the wellhead.

"You cannot hide from me!"

the old man screamed when he saw that Austin's bodily movement skill was faster than expected. Astonished and indignant, he chased Austin.

Simultaneously, the old man used his spiritual sense to inform the emergency to the sect leader and the other elders of the Polarity Sect.


In the blink of an eye, several figures rushed towards the Black Well.

When Austin entered the Black Well's wellhead, he released his spiritual sense to ascertain their power. A sense of foreboding filled Austin when he realized that he was in a terrible situation.

Obviously, they were all overmatches.

'Run!' Austin urged himself in heart.

Austin knew that if the overmatches from the Polarity Sect caught him, they would kill him. There was no other choice except to escape from the Polarity Sect's headquarters.

"Who are you?


A bellow of rage came from the Black Well. Austin was astonished as the figure had been really close-by. It was the purple-clad old man.

Upon rushing out of the Black Well, the old man created and launched a vital energy palm in the air. In a flash, the palm struck Austin's back.

Austin didn't want a confrontation. So, he launched the Demonic Teleportation Skill to get away from the old man's assault.


The demonic energy stored in his bones continuously gushed out. With a deep breath, Austin used the Demonic Teleportation Skill again. Each time he used the s


He had heard that the Polarity Sect had several great masters in the Semi-holy Realm.

Since the two old men who had chased him were just at the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm, the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot had helped him escape.

However, if a great master in the Semi-holy Realm pursued him, Austin knew that even with the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot, it would be difficult for him to escape intact.

Austin had logged over several thousand kilometers in one go.

Probing his surroundings with his spiritual sense, Austin found a torrential river.

Then, he came up with a solution.

Austin put the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot away and sank to the riverbed. After that, he transported himself into the City model.

The City model then turned into a grain of sand and began to flow with the current, downstream.

Now, Austin's spiritual sense was stronger than most warriors in the Primal Holy Realm.

With the enhancement of his spiritual sense, Austin was surprised to find that the City model could avoid detection by spiritual senses outside.

Thus, the spiritual sense of a warrior in the Primal Holy Realm couldn't locate the City model.

Austin estimated that even a great master in the Semi-holy Realm would find it challenging to perceive the existence of it.

So far, Austin had learned that the City model was supposed to be a large-scale space magic treasure.

However, Austin was clueless about the level of it. Besides, he had no way of finding out.

After entering the City model, Austin felt relieved.

He speculated that even the great masters in the Semi-holy Realm couldn't chart his path now.

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