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   Chapter 1208 Treasures Below The Well

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It was the first time that Austin had heard about what Fanny's grandfather had said.

So he sent thousands of cultivators back to the City model immediately.

After that, he found his way into the Moon Hall.

Austin was shocked to see the queen inside a grey cocoon.

"Our queen is practicing some secret skill.

When she emerges out from the cocoon, she will be much stronger,"

Priest Callum of the evil shadow race explained to Austin.

It wasn't until he heard this explanation that Austin understood what was going on. He then transported the queen who was cocooned and the other members of evil shadow race into the City model.

The members of the evil shadow race had absorbed almost all the evil energy in the Moon Hall over the past fifteen days.

Austin and Fanny's grandfather stepped into the hall.

"The five arrays are out of energy.

They can now be destroyed easily,"

Fanny's grandfather noted as he observed the arrays.

Austin released his vital energy to hit the weakest spots of each of the arrays after Fanny's grandfather pointed them out.

After a while, the five arrays all broke down at the same time.

A door appeared in the middle of the hall.

It was the exit door of the palace. It was connected to the bottom of the Black Well.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The moment the five arrays broke down, something dropped to the ground making a sound.

Austin was stunned as he turned towards where the sound came from.

Three oddly-shaped blades came into his view. One was yellow, the other was green and the last one was white.

Austin felt that he had already seen them somewhere else.

'They look like the Twin Shadow Blades!'

he thought to himself.

The blades that fell before him reminded him of Negative Shadow Blade and Positive Shadow Blade he had used before.

Twin Shadow Blades had proved vital to Austin's victory before. It helped him in defeating his enemies as they could turn invisible and attack the opponent without being seen.

But as he grew stronger, those blades proved less useful to him.

Cultivators with a strong spiritual sense could perceive everything around them with the use of their spiritual sense.

If their opponents used Twin Shadow Blades to attack them, they could detect them and dodge them easily even if the blades were invisible.

Austin had not used the Twin Shadow Blades for such a long time that he had a

Yang, an inner disciple," Austin replied, trying to sound as calm as he could.

'He looks like an elder in this sect, ' he speculated in his mind.

Before he had left the palace, Austin had changed his appearance. Apart from this, he had also asked Violet to disguise his spiritual soul aura. Now he wore the face of Hoyt and his spiritual soul appeared the same as Hoyt's as well.

"So you're Hoyt Yang."

The superior elder looked surprised. Although he was aware that Hoyt was the most excellent inner disciple, the elder had stayed inside the well and seldom dealt with disciples or sect matters.

He had never actually met Hoyt before.

"Are you aware that you have made a huge mistake?

How did you dare to jump down in the Black Well and break into that door?

Tell me now, what did you see behind that door?" the superior elder questioned sternly.

The truth was that he was dying to know what was behind the door.

"Sir, there is a room with countless treasures!"

Austin lied.


the purple-robed elder asked as his eyes lit up.

However, he was no fool. He knew that he'd exposed his feelings in that instant but then immediately composed himself again. He carefully studied the young man and observed his every move.

He saw a playful look momentarily flicker through Austin's eyes.

"Humph! You broke into the Black Well, and you broke the rules. I'll capture you before interrogating you further," he huffed as he saw through Austin's lie.

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