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   Chapter 1207 It's Time To Leave

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The Polarity Sect leader led the other superior elders to the bottom of the White Well.

"Well, it looks like the power of the arrays has weakened a little, just as we expected."

The leader of Polarity Sect and the superior elders noticed the difference.

They had tried to disrupt the ancient arrays at the bottom of the well many times in the past few years. Even though none of them had succeeded, they had become quite familiar with the arrays, and that was why they perceived the changes the moment they saw the arrays.

"It is possible that the ancient arrays continued to work after all these years due to the energy discharged from the bottom of the White Well and the Black Well.

Since the giant wells have stopped emitting energy, the power of the arrays has started to weaken,"

one of the superior elders voiced his observation.

"Perhaps this is not a bad thing.

If the ancient arrays at the bottom have weakened, then maybe this time we'll be able to open the portal in the well.

We have always wondered what lay behind the portal. Our best guess is that it is a cultivation room belonging to the founder of Polarity Sect. If we are correct, then we are likely to find the Polarity Codex.

Possessing the complete Polarity Codex will help enhance our strength significantly.

Then, Polarity Sect will be incredibly strong! We'll be able to compete with any of the five sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom!"

The Polarity Sect leader was filled with excitement. His eyes shone like stars on a clear night.

The superior elders also felt enthusiasm surge through them when they heard the leader. Despite the discomforting events, the elders of Polarity Sect suddenly looked very cheerful.

"Let's go to the Black Well and check the array there."

Polarity Sect's leader left the White Well and flew to the bottom of the Black Well. Each of the other superior elders dutifully followed him.

After some probing, they found that the ancient arrays in the Black Well had also weakened.

Everyone's curiosity had been piqued by now. How and when did the arrays become so weak? To monitor the wells and note changes in the ancient arrays at the bottom of the well, they decided to place two elders in each well.

In the underground palace at the Sun Hall, everyone was still working hard.

It was the fifth day since the cultivators had begun practicing their skills.

After five days of absorbing spiritual energy from the natural vessel of energy, almost everyone had made remarkable progress in their cultivation base.

Surprisingly enough, half the practitioners had made a breakthrough in their vital energy realms.

Most practitioners never got such an opportunity. It was very rare for cultivators to practice their skills near a natural vessel of energy.

At the moment, Austin was working on the Golden Sun Scripture with all his heart.

At some point, the abundant spiritual energy around him surged and gushed toward him.


Several minutes passed after the unexpected event, and Austin's body was still trembling violently. Suddenly, a mighty stream of vital energy erupted

to ten and then eleven meters...

Finally, it reached a diameter of twenty meters!

And another hour had passed.


The whole hall shook violently.

An unprecedentedly powerful stream of vital energy force finally erupted from Austin's body and spread to every corner of the hall.

He had finally reached the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm!

Austin slowly opened his eyes. All he could feel was the extremely strong power inside him.

In the Prime Martial World, a cultivator with a cultivation base of Heaven Realm could become an elder in any sect!

All the cultivators in the Sun Hall stared at Austin when he made the breakthrough. Their expressions reflected the shock they felt.

This was such an unusual scene!

How could a man absorb all the spiritual energy in the hall within seconds all by himself? Although everyone wondered how he had managed it, the truth was that Austin had soaked up every bit of energy in the hall.

No one felt terrible, though. After all, over the past fifteen days, almost every one of the cultivators in the hall had made a breakthrough in their vital energy realm.

These fifteen days of practice had made everyone a lot stronger than before.

"The spiritual energy in the natural vessel is nearly finished!"

The moment Austin succeeded in his breakthrough, he received Fanny's grandpa's exhilarating message via spiritual sense.

Austin immediately probed the spiritual energy around him.

What Fanny's grandpa said was true—there was little spiritual energy left in the Sun Hall now.

The natural vessel of energy under the palace was finally getting exhausted. It had taken the hard work of thousands of people over fifteen days to empty the vessel.

"Finally, we can leave!"

Austin's eyes were bright with excitement.

"It will be easy to disrupt the arrays with your current strength, I suppose.

Come on. Let's attack them and leave here as soon as possible.

Some natural vessels of energy can refill after being depleted. And I don't want that to happen."

Fanny's grandpa looked a little anxious.

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