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   Chapter 1206 A Mishap In The Polarity Sect Headquarters

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Austin chose to sit in a corner of the Sun Hall that concealed him well from everybody's view.

Then, he took half of the bottled Refined Vital Energy Liquid and immediately felt the immense force of a surging energy in his energy meridians. It rolled like raging rivers and ran ubiquitously in every vessel of his energy meridian.

The effect of the Refined Vital Energy Liquid was dramatically stunning!

Subsequently, Austin also initiated the Golden Sun Scripture to fill his energy meridians with the immense vital energy of soft gold light.

At the same time, while all of this was happening, a tiny golden ball emerged from inside Austin's elixir field. This was a sign of his current progress in practicing the Golden Sun Scripture. It slipped upwards and suspended itself above its master's head.

The tiny spot gave off countless rays of brilliant light and began to absorb the spiritual energy in the Sun Hall without stopping. Meanwhile, the spiritual energies in the area all drifted towards the direction of the golden ball. It was as if they were seawater flowing into the open mouth of a whale.

The Sun Hall was immensely spacious and enormous in size. So even though it was filled with tens of thousands of people, it still did not seem crowded. The warriors were able to go as they pleased anywhere in the hall without worrying about having no space for their movements.

All of the other people in the hall also started to practice in full concentration as well. As warriors, they understood that the last thing a warrior wanted to experience was to be bothered while he was practicing his martial arts. So all of them kept quiet and remained motionless as they sat.

Soon, the whole area had sunk into sheer silence as everyone became focused on their own practice. No one even dared to speak or interrupt anyone else's practice.

As time went by, the spiritual energy in the hall became more and more depleted as the warriors consumed more of it with every passing minute.

However, fresh spiritual energy kept on coming in vast amounts from the floor of the Sun Hall, and the energy that the warriors were consuming was always being replaced. Thus, despite the overwhelming amount of spiritual energy that the warriors were absorbing, the hall still remained full of energy.

Apparently, the natural vessel of energy under the Sun Hall had an astonishing amount of spiritual energy.

So it was impossible to use up all of the spiritual energy in the natural vessel of energy in just a short time even if tens of thousands of people practiced in the area at the same time.

This went on for an entire day.

Meanwhile, the ball of golden light above Austin's head started expanding as it absorbed more and more spiritual energy. This meant that Austin had entered into the second stage of his practice of the Golden Sun Scripture.

By now, it was not just a small spot, but a huge ball of golden light that was nearly two meters in diameter.

Austin understood that once the ball of golden light, which stood for his practice of the second stage of the Golden Sun Scripture, had expanded to the size of a house,

skin was dry and wrinkled like the bark of an ancient tree. But underneath that old and frail appearance was a tremendous aura of energy as abundant as the amount of seawater in the sea.

"The two wells are the holy symbols of the Polarity Sect. Does the fact that they have dried up now a sign of misfortune for our sect?" asked another superior elder in a low voice.

He seemed worried, too.

"This happened after Hoyt had entered the Black Well. There must be some kind of connection between those two events.

I don't think Hoyt died that night. He must have accessed the gateway in the bottom of the Black Well and entered the well by accident.

He must have done something bad down there and caused the wells to stop generating energies!"

The head of the Polarity Sect analyzed the whole thing with a cold face, and when he thought of that possibility, a spark of fury flashed in his dark eyes.

"Yes, that's a reasonable guess. This must have something to do with Hoyt." An old man's voice was heard.

Then he turned to face the head of the Polarity Sect and showed an expression of agreement.

"Isn't Hoyt no more than a warrior at the Astral Realm? How would he be able to pass the ancient array at the bottom of the well safely and go into the gateway at that level?"

The hoary superior elder raised several other questions.

"Perhaps his luck helped him. He may have survived the attack of the ancient array by luck and entered the gateway by accident!"

The head of the Polarity Sect spoke out his assumption with clenched teeth.

"I suggest we go down there and have a check.

Since the two wells have stopped giving out energies, no one truly knows whether the ancient array down there is still working or not. We should check it ourselves to be sure!"

suggested a superior elder among the crowd.

As soon as he finished speaking, an expression of agreement appeared on the faces of everyone there.

The head of the Polarity Sect jumped into the White Well first. He took it upon himself to check and figure out just what the hell was going on down there.

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