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   Chapter 1205 Mass Cultivation (Part Two)

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So, just dismantling the Moon Hall and the Sun Hall won't do the trick.

The spiritual energy and the evil energy from the underground will continue to penetrate to the underground palace even if the halls are destroyed and they will keep maintaining the five arrays in performance,"

Fanny's grandpa shook his head and explained the complexity of the whole situation.

Austin was taken aback by the grandpa's comment. He was not ready to go through a new set of difficulties once more.

The actual energy source of for the five arrays was the two natural vessels of energy beneath the Underground Palace. We need to locate that.

Could it the only way out to the completely destroy the two natural vessels of energy down beneath the underground palace?

It had been believed by most, the power the natural vessel of energy contained was very huge. It would be a bit risky to crush the natural vessel of energy. They might not be ready for the consequences.

It was very likely to disrupt the power of the natural vessel of energy and might even lead to explosion once they engaged in any inappropriate approach.

Only those great human genius who owned outstanding prowess could crush the natural vessel of energy. What's more, those genius could even capture and extract the natural vessel of energy from the land and implement them for their own use.

But Austin was yet to receive that level of prowess. By his current cultivation base, he might be in danger by simply going near the natural vessel of energy.

'Then, what shall we do? What can we do?'

Austin thought restlessly for a countermeasure. It was after all, not a solution be trapped in this place for the rest of his life.

Suddenly, Austin was struck with a realization.

"Master, will the power in t

Clan from the Stone City and all royal members of the Violet Orchid Empire. Among them, there were Austin's two fiancees, his friends like Mike and Tessa as well.

All these people were willing to follow Austin's instructions.

Besides, the instruction was to absorb the spiritual energy as much as possible. As a cultivator, that could be the once in a lifetime boon and nobody wanted to let go of that.

So everyone entered the Sun Hall excitedly one after another. Then each of them found a place to sit down and began the cultivation.

Luckily, both the Sun Hall and the Moon Hall were very spacious. It could accommodate all these people without any hindrance.

Fanny's grandpa and Austin himself also found a place to sit down in the Sun Hall. They also joined the mass cultivation to absorb the spiritual energy.

Austin took out a bottle of Refined Vital Energy Liquid and poured about half a bottle into his mouth. The Liquid is effective and auxiliary to the Golden Sun Scripture he was about to work on.

Since there was abundance of spiritual energy in the Hall, Austin wanted to take the advantage and see if he could achieve the premium stage of Tribulation Realm.

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