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   Chapter 1204 Mass Cultivation (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6317

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This underground palace was built on the two natural vessels of energy. One of the two was the brighter natural vessel of energy that was related to the spiritual energy. The other was the dark natural vessel of energy implied the evil energy.

The spiritual energy rose from the bright natural vessel of energy and penetrated through the Sun Hall of the underground palace and then spread all over into the White Well on the ground. It was a vibrant display of energy.

The evil energy emerged from the dark natural vessel of energy and penetrated the Moon Hall of the underground palace and then sprung into the Black Well on the ground all over.

Both the Black Well and the White Well were located in the home base of the Polarity Sect. And the origin stories were as those said.

After they discovered the Moon Hall and the Sun Hall, Austin connected with the queen and gave detailed accounts about the situation they faced there. So they decided the queen should cultivate in the Moon Hall.

Meanwhile Austin re-entered the Great Hall that they had passed through just now. He engaged himself in the desperate search of the solution to break through the cast of the arrays that were formed in this Great Hall. These arrays were formed to protect and hide the exit from intruders. But Austin needed to know the way to leave.

The only way to exit this underground palace was to find that gate that led outside.

Otherwise they would be trapped forever and ever. They definitely did not want to be stuck inside for the rest of their lives.

Austin stood in the Great Hall concentrating and unleashed his spiritual sense to detect the situation of those arrays to his best capabilities. But after a while, nothing more than the existence of several arrays in the Great Hall was detected by his spiritual sense. He did not have any other clue. It was frustrating.

The arrays

and make that breakthrough."

Next, Fanny's grandpa helped Austin to look for the energy source. They started from the Great Hall, along the direction of the energy flow they felt and scoured all the way they passed.

Finally, they discovered the energy source of the five arrays, to their surprise, in the Sun Hall and the Moon Hall itself.

For the five arrays, three of them were supported by spiritual energy, and the other two were maintained by evil energy.

"Master, does that mean all we have to do is to dismantle the Sun Hall and the Moon Hall? And the five arrays will collapse immediately without even the slightest attack?"

Austin asked inquisitively.

Right now, Austin and Fanny's grandpa were standing in front of the outer door of the Moon Hall. They were getting ready for the upcoming combat.

As the queen was in cultivation in the Moon Hall, they did not walk in the Hall yet. They did not want to disturb the queen in this state.

"No, that's not the case.

The energy source of the five arrays appears to have originated from the Moon Hall and the Sun Hall. But it actually originated from the natural vessels of energy for spiritual energy and evil energy those are located beneath the underground palace right here.

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