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   Chapter 1203 The Founder Of The Polarity Sect

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After Austin and the Queen summoned their spiritual sense to have a look around, they found that they had stepped into an underground palace.

Both of them were stunned with amazement. They had never expected that there would be a palace under the well.

Upon taking a few steps through the entrance, they found themselves in the middle of a splendid hall.

Soon enough, the entrance had disappeared from behind them.

"There are plenty of arrays in the hall. It is because of these arrays that we cannot see the entrance anymore,"

the Queen said after she observed the space thoroughly.

"Yeah, you are right. We have to figure out the arrays first if we want to get out of here.

Now that we are here anyway, why don't we walk around and explore this palace? We do not have to hurry back,"

Austin said after giving the idea some thought.

The Queen agreed with the idea and they started their journey around the mysterious palace.

Soon they found that the palace actually was a cultivator's mansion.

They assumed that this palace had been the abode of an ancient master who cultivated a long time ago.

There were rooms for storing elixirs and weapons, a secret chamber for cultivation and even parlor for greeting guests. Every turn they took, there was a new room to be explored.

But time had been cruel to almost everything that Austin and the Queen stumbled upon.

A simple touch could turn those elixirs and magic treasures into dust.

Austin could not help but feel disappointed about this fact.

He could tell that those elixirs and magic treasures were all high grade. But now they could not be used by anybody.

Then Austin and the Queen found a skeleton in the secret chamber for cultivation. The skeleton was placed in a sitting position at the far end of the chamber.

There was rich spiritual energy coming out of the skeleton.

Austin and the Queen were caught by surprise. All those elixirs and magic treasures had eroded and even turned into dust, but this skeleton still had plenty of spiritual energy. There was a sparkling halo of life around it.

They could tell fr

could make an avatar.

"That's fucking unbelievable!"

Austin cried out in disbelief.

At the same time, he was very much intrigued by the Avatar-making Skill.

He immediately copied the Polarity Codex into his Soul Sea. This was more convenient for him because now he could study the spell whenever he had the time.

Then Austin and the Queen continued their journey through the underground palace.

After they explored the whole palace, they understood why the white well spurted spiritual energy but the black well gave out evil energy.

There were two spacious halls in the underground palace. One was called the Sun Hall and the other one was the Moon Hall.

The floors of both the halls were damaged with deep cracks.

Rich spiritual energy kept coming from the ground of the Sun Hall, while evil energy spurted out from the floor of the Moon Hall.

Austin and the Queen summoned their spiritual sense to check the situation under the floors of the two halls, and they finally found their answer.

There was a natural vessel of vital energy, which was the source of spiritual energy, under the Sun Hall.

While the natural vessel of evil energy under the Moon Hall was the source of evil energy.

That was the reason why the white well spurted spiritual energy but the black well spurted evil energy.

A natural vessel of energy was basically a place where natural energy accumulated.

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