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   Chapter 1202 Underground Palace

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"I didn't expect you to possess a spiritual tree.

Since the Spiritual Flame was made from spiritual soul energy, refining it with the spiritual tree was, indeed, easy.

It is rightly said that there is always a way to overcome an obstacle!"

The queen sighed.

"We have contained one crisis by refining the Spiritual Flame. However, we are still restrained by the mysterious lights. I do not know how to get out."

Austin came to his senses after the ecstasy of the rising spiritual sense passed. He could not help but smile bitterly at the thought of their current predicament.

"Should we attack the Imprisoning Array to see if it can be cracked?"

Austin said after thinking about their options for a while. As soon as the idea occurred to him, vital energy force rushed out of Austin's body and attacked the Imprisoning Array above his head.

Simultaneously, the queen also released powerful evil energy and targeted the array.

Although they couldn't move their bodies, Austin and the queen could use their vital energy force.


The bottom of the well trembled.

Soon after, Austin and the queen found

that no matter how hard they attacked, the Imprisoning Array above their heads was too strong and couldn't be damaged.

"Is it possible that we will be trapped here forever?"

Austin sighed helplessly.

"Why don't we attack the portal at the bottom of the well?"

The queen suggested after thinking for a while.

With no other alternatives, Austin and the queen simultaneously launched a series of attacks at the portal below them.

After a few breaths, Austin and the queen felt a strange vibration emanating from the portal at the bottom of the well.

The two gates of the portal trembled fiercely.

"Rumble... Rumble..."

The entire Black Well shook violently.

The deafening roar spread upwards.

Then a powerful force rushed toward Austin and the queen.

Surprised, Austin and the queen tried to defend against the force. However, they did not see that the gates of the portal had opened. In the next instant, they lost complete control as they spiraled to the bottom.


Austin and the queen did not even have a chance to brace against the fall. In the blink of an eye, they passed through the portal. The two gates of the portal then slammed close. From outside, they reverted to their original appearance.

Meanwhile, a shadow moved in the distance. In a flash, it appeared next to the Bla

ime the array is activated, it triggers a different attack.

This ancient array also contains powerful energies, including the Spiritual Flame, the mysterious lights, and magnetic waves.

Even a person at the Holy Realm would be unable to break the powerful ancient array,"

said the leader of Polarity Sect slowly.

"Yes. The inner disciple, Hoyt, showed great potential. It is unfortunate that he lost his life here.

Tomorrow, I will order the other disciples to stay away from the well. If anyone comes within two-hundred meters of this Black Well, they will be severely punished,"

said another superior elder.

"Leader, what is hidden below the portal under the well?"

Elder Ian couldn't help but ask the leader of the Polarity Sect.

"Who knows? It is a question that has plagued us for generations.

However, it is highly probable that the portal at the bottom of the well leads to a secret room for cultivation. Perhaps the ancestor who created the Polarity Sect frequented it."

The leader of Polarity Sect sighed.

A secret room for cultivation made by an ancestor?

Elder Ian's expression turned to horror.

The Polarity Sect was created over a thousand years ago. Wouldn't this ancestor be over a thousand years old as well?

After a while, the leader of the Polarity Sect and his accompanying elders left the Black Well.

Austin and the queen continued to be pulled by the strange force into the portal at the bottom of the well.

To their surprise, they discovered an ancient underground palace.

This ancient palace was a large area that contained many main halls, side halls, and secret rooms.

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