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   Chapter 1201 The Boost Of Spiritual Sense

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"Speaking of the Spiritual Flames, you know that powerful ancient masters once stood at the world's peak. After they passed, the essence of their spiritual sense force did not vanish. Under certain circumstances, the essence of such forces could be transformed into Spiritual Flames and preserved.

So, a Spiritual Flame is the energy contained in a spiritual soul.

Just think about it. These ancient masters must have had extremely powerful spiritual senses. The essence of the spiritual energy left by them must be equally destructive,"

the queen explained to Austin.

Since she had spoken plainly, the queen's logic was easily understood.

Austin now knew why the Unearthly Fires released by him could not suppress the Spiritual Flame.

Before long, the space around Austin was filled by the immense Spiritual Flame.

As the Spiritual Flame grew stronger, ambient temperatures rose significantly. The pitch-black flame now besieged Austin and the queen.

Austin and the queen could not be in a worse situation.

Surrounded by the mysterious colorful lights released by the confining array, they could not move.

Meanwhile, the Spiritual Flame ruthlessly burned their bodies.

Considering that the Scorching Evil Fire and Dark Bone Gloomy Fire could not shield them from the Spiritual Flame as it was made from spiritual energy, Austin and the queen had run out of options. They could do nothing more except watch the Spiritual Flame burn their bodies.

As the blue smoke generated from the Spiritual Flame continued to heat the space around them, Austin and the queen felt as though they were trapped in a hot oven. Pain coursed through them as the Spiritual Flame burned their bodies.

A few minutes later, Austin and the queen found that the fire was slowly consuming their clothes.

Since clothes were more prone to combustion as compared to flesh and bones, within a few seconds, all their clothes had turned to ashes.

Austin and the queen were both stark naked now.


Since everything had happened so suddenly and unexpectedly, Austin and the queen hadn't been able to think about how they were going to fix this embarrassing situation.

What added to the awkwardness was t

l tree...

I've only heard of the spiritual tree in legends. Where did you get it?"

The queen's mouth widened in surprise.

Then she recalled that she was still stark naked because her clothes had been burned.

However, the queen could not move as the colorful mysterious lights imprisoned her.

What an embarrassing situation!

As blood rushed to the queen's face, she looked like a ripe tomato.

Almost instantly, the queen was reminded of the last time she and Austin saw each other's naked bodies. At that time, Austin and the queen had been trying to heal her wounds. The queen had never imagined that she would experience such a situation again.

Meanwhile, Austin was focusing on the refinement of the Spiritual Flame.

His spiritual sense was still progressing, After two hours, Austin found that the spiritual tree had absorbed all of the Spiritual Flame. Surprise reflected in Austin's expression.

The spiritual tree was ten meters in height now.

The lake of the spiritual sense had also grown to over a hundred acres.

The power of Austin's spiritual sense had increased ten-fold at least!

"Oh my gosh!"

Even Austin was astounded by the significant increase in his spiritual sense and could not help but suck in a deep breath.

Austin estimated that the present power of his spiritual sense might be stronger than most cultivators at the Primal Holy Realm.

In terms of spiritual sense, he now had the confidence to defeat the queen.

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