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   Chapter 1200 The Spiritual Flame

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And with a glance, Austin knew that the Queen was very intrigued at the secret of the mysterious well. This made the Queen very eager to go down and explore it.

Her curiosity was drawn to the surging evil energy coming from the gate at the bottom of the Black Well.

The overflowing evil energy indicated that there must be more of it locked up behind the gate.

The evil energy, however, was highly toxic to human cultivators, but not to the cultivators from the evil shadow race who specialized in cultivating evil energy. With this in mind, the Queen was confident that this evil energy would not harm her in any way.

But Austin wanted to impress the Queen so he agreed to go down the well with her. And besides, Austin was not a tad bit afraid of the overwhelming power of the evil energy, unlike the other human cultivators.

Meanwhile, the Queen prepared for their descent. She then put a stop to her meditation and went down the well with Austin.

By using their spiritual senses, they found their way underground and their path to the gate.

Luckily, nothing out of the ordinary happened to them as they tread the way to the bottom of the well for both of them arrived safe and sound

The gate was very far from where they started going down. As a matter of fact, it was about a thousand meters deep.

Upon landing on the gate, they had noticed that the evil energy got thicker and grey smoke filled the bottom of the well which made it very difficult for their vision. Everything was hidden in thick and dense smoke that their eyes were of no use. Instead, they used their spiritual senses in order for them to perceive what was around them.

"Let me try to open the gate," said the Queen.

She then looked down at the gate with heavy eyes.

"Be careful! I feel special energy waves down here," Austin reminded the Queen.

Austin became worried for he could feel with his spiritual sense a strange and unknown aura that existed in the area.

The two warriors were cautious for they wanted to know what they were dealing with. Immediately, they used their keen spiritual sense and looked for any strange anomalies around them. And in a matter of moments, both of them sensed special energy fluctuations located at the bottom of the well.

But both the warriors were still confused as to what it was for the energy wave's identity remained unknown to them.

"Are you ready? If

he had already refined three kinds of Unearthly Fire in the past.

Austin inhaled deeply and summoned the Scorching Evil Fire and the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire in his body.

Then, the Scorching Evil Fire and the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire sprayed out from his body immediately

The Scorching Evil Fire formed into a red sea of fire while the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire formed into a black fire sea which then surrounded both Austin and the Queen.

They were both in luck for Austin had his own Unearthly Fire with him that time.

If it hadn't been for Austin's fires, then they would have already been cooked alive.

Austin's lip curled upward for he was satisfied with the performance of his Scorching Evil Fire and the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire.

But unfortunately, his happiness didn't last long.

The black fire kept on fighting. It then gradually penetrated the Scorching Evil Fire and the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire. And with just a snap, Austin and the Queen were in danger yet again for Austin's fires were not strong enough.

The unknown black fires were so powerful that none of Austin's fires could stop it from spreading even more.

"Damn! We're doomed. It is the Spiritual Flame!

Although we can see it, it still has no substance just like the spiritual sense. And that is why it could not be stopped," the Queen explained with teary eyes.

The Queen's whole body trembled at the sight of the impenetrable black fires. She was desperate and hopeless as if she had already seen her death right in front of her eyes.

"The Spiritual Flame?" Austin asked.

He had never heard of that before.

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