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   Chapter 1199 The Gateway At The Bottom Of The Black Well

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"Elder Ian, during my cultivation of the Heart-crushing Palm, I encountered a bottleneck state, which greatly restricted the speed of my progress.

I think it happened because of the insufficiency of evil energy. Because of that, I am planning to collect some more evil energy before I try to make a breakthrough in my cultivation of the Heart-crushing Palm again.

Therefore, I think it would be best for me to gather the evil energy tonight," Austin said.

Austin had a clear understanding from Hoyt that the elder responsible for the night patrol that night was Elder Ian.

In addition, Hoyt also happened to cultivate the Heart-crushing Palm which also required him to collect evil energy for himself. Thus, Austin could make good use of this information by disguising himself as Hoyt.

"Well, young man, it is very good that you are focusing on cultivation, but you should also keep in mind that you need to cultivate your skills in a gradual and orderly manner.

Keep in mind that you must not be too hasty in your cultivation; always remember that haste makes waste.

Do you understand what I mean?"

After a moment's silence, the message from Elder Ian finally reached Austin's Soul Sea through spiritual sense, implying great encouragement.

"Thank you very much for your advice. I will make sure to always keep them in mind."

Austin was overjoyed. It seemed that Elder Ian was not suspicious of his true identity.

"Well, that's it. You can go and collect the evil energy now."

Austin heard the voice of Elder Ian once again. And then, there were no more vice messages from him.

"Thank you very much,"

Austin said respectfully.

Then, he turned to the direction of the Black Well.

A moment later, he finally entered the area where the Black Well was.

Upon entering the area within about 500 meters from the Black Well, Austin immediately felt the strong evil energy rushing towards him.

That evil energy was precious to the queen, but it was harmful to the humans who cultivated the vital energy.

Therefore, Austin hurriedly utilized his vital energy and released his own vital energy out of his body to form a defense layer made up of vital energy to ward off the evil energy.

Then Austin continued to walk towards the huge Black Well.

The opening of the Black Well was about 50 meters in diameter. From it, a thick gray-black smoke continuously emitted. Now that he was standing next to the well, Austin immediately felt a burst of evil energy which seemed to engulf him completely.

Fortunately, Austin found that his Golden Sun Scripture could help him subdue the evil energ

der the well that gave it the ability to produce such strong evil energy.

One hundred meters, two hundred meters, three hundred meters...

As he went deeper through his spiritual sense, Austin was quite surprised at the depth of the Black Well.

It was not until Austin's spiritual sense had reached around one thousand meters into the Black Well that he discovered that his spiritual sense had actually reached the bottom of the pit.


Austin was a little surprised at what he found when his spiritual sense perceived the bottom of the Black Well.

This was because the bottom of this Black Well turned out to be a closed gateway!

Apparently, the entire bottom of the well was actually a gateway to something.

However, that closed gateway appeared mottled. It was immediately obvious to Austin that it had experienced an erosion a long time ago. The two doors of the gateway were potholed and had an ancient feel to it.

After looking around more, Austin found that the grey black evil energy essence in the huge well was actually continuously rising from the gateway.

'What is going on here?' Austin doubtfully thought to himself.

Austin was a little stunned when he sensed the upside-down gateway at the bottom of the well with his spiritual sense.

"What do you think about the situation down there? Do you want to go down and have a look?" the queen asked Austin.

In that moment, the queen suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Austin.

As it turned out, the queen had also sensed the gateway at the bottom of the well.

"All of this evil energy permeates from under the gateway. If the gateway can be opened, I have a feeling that the evil energy below will be surprisingly strong,"

the queen said slowly.

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