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   Chapter 1198 Black Well And White Well

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With a wave of her hand, the queen released an enormous amount of evil energy. It enveloped the two swords and hit Brock's head.

Although Brock was the Holy Heritor of the Polarity Sect and he had learned many amazing martial skills, his cultivation base was at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm. There was no way for him to withstand the queen's blow. After all, the queen had reached the medium stage of Primal Holy Realm.

"I will not spare you, Hoyt Yang!" Brock declared as he glowered at Austin. Spite reflected in his eyes a moment before he lost consciousness.

Austin had disguised himself as Hoyt when attacking Brock. Therefore Brock had no idea the man attacked him was actually Austin.

"Yes, it is Hoyt's fault. You can get revenge later,"

Austin said as he burst into laughter.

He then transported Brock and his squire to the City model.

After that, Austin plundered Brock's residence. Being the Holy Heritor of a top sect, Brock had lots of valuables.

Austin found hundreds of thousands of divine vital energy crystals and other precious natural resources.

Austin left after ransacking Brock's treasures.

Since he had gotten what he wanted, Austin knew that he should leave Polarity Sect's headquarters. He had effectively implemented his plan to capture Brock.

However, the two wells caught his attention. In particular, Austin felt drawn to the well that kept creating a black mist. Intense evil energy emitted from the well at Polarity Sect's headquarters.

From what the queen had told Austin, she could regain her strength quicker if she cultivated in a well that contained such pure evil energy.

Austin knew that this would be the perfect opportunity for the queen to enhance her strength.

After contemplating briefly, Austin decided to stay at Polarity Sect's headquarters for a few more days. He wanted to see if he could sneak into the well that created the black mist.

Everyone already knew that Brock, the Holy Heritor of the Polarity Sect, was undert


In general, the Black Well was considered a forbidden area, and it scarcely had visitors.

After hearing Hoyt's explanation, Austin and the queen knew a little more about the two wells.

'I see.

Except for disciples who practice special martial skills, no one else approaches the Black Well.

I can gain access to the Black Well on the pretext of cultivating a special skill that requires evil energy, ' Austin thought, overjoyed.

'It's so easy to get to that well.'

After a quick discussion with the queen, Austin decided to enter the Black Well that night.

At midnight, Austin left Hoyt's residence.

He activated the bodily movement skill when heading for the Black Well.

To avoid drawing attention to himself, Austin moved slowly toward his destination.

Although it was late at night, many disciples were patrolling.

A few elders, who were at the Heaven Realm, also stayed awake to watch over their sect from their rooms.

Like any other top sect, Polarity Sect also maintained a strict defense routine.

All of a sudden, Austin sensed that someone with a strong spiritual sense was examining him.

"It's midnight. Why are you heading for the Black Well?" A voice echoed in Austin's Soul Sea.

Austin's heart skipped a beat as fear coursed through him. 'He is a Heaven Realm master, ' Austin thought.

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