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   Chapter 1196 The Headquarters Of The Polarity Sect

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10450

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About fifteen miles away from the Murk City, Hoyt Yang rode his red flood dragon horse as he led several inner disciples towards the Polarity Sect's headquarters.

It was a big day for him. After all, he was tasked with a huge responsibility of buying what the Holy Heritor needed from an auction.

Hoyt Yang could not contain his excitement. He smiled from ear to ear on the way to fulfill his primary task for the day.

In fact, he was excited for the reward that the Holy Heritor of the Polarity Sect had promised him upon completing the task at hand—a Vitality Pill.

The Vitality Pill was known as a very cherished treasure to be owned by anyone for it was considered to be a precious elixir in the Polarity Sect. Only a principal disciple would be qualified to obtain a Vital Pill as soon as he became the Holy Son.

"Hurry up!"

Hoyt yelled at those following inner disciples who lagged behind him. Leading the pack, all he thought of was the adored Vitality Pill waiting for him as soon as he finished the task. This made him put pressure on the others to hasten their speed as he could no longer wait to get to the headquarters to claim his prize.

Suddenly, two figures flew over their heads. And in a blink of an eye, a man and a lady stood in front of them which immediately got in their way.

Unbeknownst to them, it was Austin and the Queen.

"What the hell is wrong with you two? Fuck off or you'll be dead meat in no time!"

Hoyt roared angrily at Austin and the Queen. It was not long after he realized the two people in front of him were not disciples of the Polarity Sect.

Austin and the Queen, however, remained still as a statue, not saying a word.

"Very well! It seems that you have decided to meet death in a very odd time of the day!"

Their calmness stirred up the raging fire in Hoyt's chest.

The Polarity Sect controlled the area with an approximate area of tens of thousands of miles around the Murk City. Hoyt was spoiled and arrogant as he was ranked as the top one inner disciple of the sect. Under his command, no one had the gall to refuse or even disobey him no matter how stupid and ridiculous his requirements were.

It was such a bad timing for Austin and the Queen to appear out of nowhere and block his way. After all, he had no time for stupidity and he had no time to spare. This oddly timed appearance of the two had only brought him anxiety and anger.

Austin and the Queen had concealed their cultivation base which led Hoyt to think of them as no more than two ordinarily stupid people who stood in front of him and his squad.

Thinking that both of the people in front of him were no more than fragile humans, Hoyt was confident enough that he could deal with them effortlessly.

"Oh for fuck's sake! Go to hell!"

Hoyt yelled as he activated his vital energy.

Shoop! Shoop!

A black and a white long sword catapulted behind him, which were aimed at Austin and the Queen.

Being at the premium stage of Astral Realm, Hoyt's attack brought profound and formidable air that filled the space around them.

Seeing what Hoyt was capable of, the


Austin tried to speak but no words came out of his mouth as he recognized the marvelous and intricate design that stood in front of him.

The round basin, surrounded by the nine mountain ranges, formed an image of Yin-Yang.

And yet again, nature displayed her best design as the best architect in the universe.

It was, indeed, another masterpiece of mother nature.

"The black fog spurting out from that well is so perfect for the evil shadow race's cultivation. That is such a great source of rich evil energy,"

the Queen suddenly said to Austin through the spiritual sense with pure excitement in her voice.

"Oh, is that so?"

Austin was caught by surprise after hearing the Queen's thoughts about the wonderful scenery.

"Yeah! That explains it. The black fog is the essence of evil energy!

How I wish I could cultivate here! I believe that it would not take me long before I could nurse myself back to full strength!"

Her voice even began trembling out of excitement and longing for faster recuperation.

"I think I got an idea!"

Austin exclaimed as his brows knitted.

After all, this was the headquarters of the Polarity Sect and numerous stronger cultivators were here. They both knew that it was not that easy to cultivate in the well.

"But first, let's wait for good timing. It's essential, you know."

Austin tried to calm the Queen down.

Austin's main goal was to infiltrate the Polarity Sect's headquarters and capture the Holy Heritor. He planned to leave here as soon as he achieved the goal.

But just now the Queen found a perfect place to cultivate. Should they have had more time in the place, then the Queen would have had her strength back quickly if she cultivated in the well.

"Ugh, never mind! Just forget about it.

I can tell there are many strong cultivators roaming around the Polarity Sect's headquarters right now and it would be too risky if I cultivated here. And besides, they would soon notice my presence and see through your trick. It's too dangerous!"

the Queen sighed out of frustration.

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