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   Chapter 1195 Polarity Sect

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The middle-aged man in indigo had planned to run away secretly and seek help. He had not anticipated that he would be seen by the young master of the Kong Clan.

He did not have the guts or the power to fight against the queen, because he knew that she had killed an elder of the Sky Sect at the Primal Holy Realm.

He, on the other hand, was merely at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm.

But unfortunately for the middle-aged man, he had failed to escape and was captured by the queen.

"Stupid boy! This is all your fault!"

he glared at the young master of the Kong Clan and shouted angrily.

In the crowd surrounding them, there were disciples belonging to the five big sects, the four big families and the Polarity Sect with the Celestial Gate Sect and the Breeze Sect. They were all momentarily shocked by this show of aggression.

They did not think that Austin would attack people in public, so the disciples from these sects and families were all fleeing the place secretly. They were afraid that if people would recognize them, then they too would be captured by Austin.

Half of the crowd left the scene after just a few moments.

"Come on, let's move to the next town!"

Austin knew that once word got around, a lot of masters would rush to the Connection Town in order to fight him for their disciples.

This meant that he could not stay there too much longer.

Therefore, Austin activated his bodily movement skill and left the town behind to move towards his next destination.

Hours after Austin had left from there, dark figures dropped into the town one after the other making the air sing.


There were dozens of figures rushing into the Connection Town.

They were all revealed to be the masters above the Heaven Realm. Five of them were even the masters at the Primal Holy Realm. They came to the Connection Town to hunt down Austin as soon as they heard what had happened here.

Though they hurried to the Connection Town at their greatest speeds, they arrived in the town and found out that Austin had already left from there for hours. They had been outsmarted by Austin.

"Does anyone know where Austin went? That bastard!"

the master at the Primal Holy Realm roared angrily. His voice was so loud that it sounded like the crackling of thunder. Everyone in the Connection Town could hear his voice clearly.

Whatever had happened that day in the town had made these masters from the eleven sects and families blow their tops completely. .

"Sir, Austin had an ancient chariot. It was too fast! We were not able to catch up with

Sect was cultivating an arcane spell in the headquarter of the Polarity Sect. . . .

In the Murk City, there was a restaurant named Charming Moonlight. The city was near the headquarter of the Polarity Sect and was also under its control. Charming Moonlight was the most fancy restaurant in the Murk City.

A man and a woman were drinking on the table right next the window in a private room on the third floor of the Charming Moonlight.

The man had a pair of big black eyes and thick eyebrows, while the woman was beautiful.

The pair was none other than Austin and the queen in disguise.

Clop! Clop!

A rhythmic sound of horse steps were suddenly heard in the street where the Charming Moonlight was situated.

Half a dozen robust red flood dragon horses ran from one end of the street. People in the street all made way for them.

A young man in a black and white robe mounted on the first red flood dragon horse was elegant with two swords tied at his back.

"Look, it is Hoyt, the inner disciple of the Polarity Sect!

I heard that he is the top inner disciple of the Polarity Sect. The senior figures of the Polarity Sect pay the most attention to his cultivation,"

someone in the street suddenly exclaimed.

This was normal because the top disciples from any one of big sects would draw everyone's attention wherever they went.

The red flood dragon horses were gone after a few moment. It seemed like they were going to get out of town given the direction in which they were headed.

'The top inner disciple. Well, then let me start the hunt with you, '

Austin thought to himself with a smile.

Soon, he and the queen left the Charming Moonlight and got out of town secretly following Hoyt.

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