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   Chapter 1194 Public Humiliation

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Several minutes later, Violet stumbled across five iron bamboos in a nearby forest. Each was a dozen meters long.

Violet had found iron bamboos—a special kind of bamboo that was very hard, generally taller and harder than other commonly found bamboos.

"Tie the men to these bamboos,"

Austin instructed.

Everyone went to work, and soon all twenty thoroughly beaten men were tied to the five iron bamboos.

Once they were done, each bamboo stick had four or five captives tied to it. From a distance, it was quite a spectacular view since they looked like five skewers of barbecued squids.

"Austin, you arrogant boy! You are way out of line here! I am going to relish killing you!"

The twenty captives, who had been tied together, were furious.

They were men from prestigious families or elders in their sects. They represented the real power of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, and they were treated like royalty wherever they went.

But now, Austin had tied them to iron bamboos like sticks of squid.

Furthermore, they understood Austin's intention. He was going to publicly embarrass them by displaying them on the streets.

If that happened, they would be the laughing stock in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom for the rest of their lives.

Jocelyn and Nora paled at the thought. Regret coursed through them. They hated themselves for messing with Austin in the first place. It was because of their actions that they found themselves in this situation.

As princesses in their families, they had been spoiled, protected, and respected by everyone around them. They had never been treated like this.

Yet, they deserved the treatment. It was Jocelyn and Nora who had set the trap to kill Austin in the Ghost Puppet City. However, Austin had captured them instead.

"Austin! This is enough. Don't push your luck so far.

Just let me go, and I will ask the elders to have mercy and release your brothers."

Now, someone started to negotiate with Austin. Perhaps he hoped to cut a deal with Austin.


ny people in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had heard of Austin.

When word spread, the entire Connection Town was astonished.

Everyone dropped whatever they were doing and swarmed to the street. Crowds of people started to point fingers and discuss what they had witnessed. Austin was the center of everyone's comments.

Traffic inside the entire town literally came to a standstill. The more people that joined the crowd, the more the situation snowballed. As the streets were jam-packed, some warriors levitated in the air to watch this shocking scene from above.

"I would never have thought that they would be this enthusiastic!"

Even Austin was surprised by the people's reactions.

"Uncle Neo! Help me!"

Jeffrey, who was tied to one of the bamboos, shouted at an indigo-clad middle-aged man.

'Uncle Neo?'

Austin turned to glare at the man Jeffrey had called out to.

He was a cultivator at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm. Now that his cover was blown, he looked surprised and indecisive.

"You must be an elder of the Kong Clan!"

Austin smiled mischievously. Since Jeffrey had called the middle-aged man "Uncle Neo", he must be someone of high status in the Kong Clan.

Austin nodded at the queen. With a smile, the queen then moved toward that man.

The man looked scared. Suddenly, he turned around and fled.

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