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   Chapter 1193 Get Even With Them

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The queen levitated in the air. Her court dress, which accentuated her voluptuous figure, danced in the wind. Her eyes were closed as if she was mulling over something.

Formidable energy gushed from her body and enveloped the space around her.

The enchanting queen was the only focus of onlookers.

Fifteen minutes later, the queen moved her finger before she opened her eyes.

She sensed the amount of the energy inside her body, and the result pleased her. With a satisfied smile, she flew toward the ground and landed in front of Austin.

"Congratulations! You made a breakthrough,"

said Austin as he beamed.

'The queen has reached the medium stage of Primal Holy Realm, ' he thought.

"I was much stronger a thousand years ago.

My strength has been significantly weakened as I stayed in that small alternate dimension too long. I haven't regained my full strength yet,"

the queen responded with a playful pout.

"What was your cultivation base a thousand years ago?" Austin asked.

The queen's statement had piqued his curiosity.

"You'll find out later,"

the queen replied with a smile.

"All right. I can't wait till you've restored your strength," Austin said.

He knew that the queen would only share information when she was ready. And hence, he decided not to push her.

"What's your plan, master?"

Violet asked.

She knew that Austin would come to Evan and Herbert's rescue, for they were important to him.

"Who can see through your trick if you disguise other people's spiritual souls?"

Austin asked instead of answering her question.

"Cultivators below the Heaven Realm will not be aware of the deception.

Only Primal Holy Realm masters will not be fooled by my little trick if they use their spiritual sense to scan carefully,"

Violet replied with certainty.

"I see. I will go to the Heavenly Emperor City and free Evan and Herbert," Austin said after thinking for a while.

Then, Austin glanced in the direction of the Heavenly Emperor City.

"Before leaving, I'll teach another lesson to the sects who were involved in the kidnapping of my best friends," he added.

As he spoke, a sinister look flas

s kept beating the prisoners with their fists and feet.

"I do this for you, Evan," Austin murmured.

Then, he punched Keyon in the belly.

"This is for you, Herbert."

He stomped on Jeffrey's face. Jeffrey was so furious that he almost fainted.

To Austin's surprise, although the Sect Supremo and Nathan were old, they hit the captives as hard as the rest.

The prisoners' faces twisted in anguish as the beatings continued.

The queen didn't join them, however. She stood aside and watched the cultivators suffer, with a smile.

"Stop! That's enough," Austin said.

His companions stopped immediately.

The prisoners had been beaten black and blue, and their bodies were covered in wounds. Some of their faces had swollen so severely, that it would be difficult for people to recognize them.

Austin and his companions had controlled their strength so that these cultivators wouldn't sustain severe injuries.

"Get some bamboo poles,"

Austin instructed.

"Why do you need them, master?"

Violet asked with a stunned expression.

"We will parade the prisoners through the streets.

Since the major sects treated my friends the same way, I'll get even with them,"

Austin replied as he glared at his captives. An evil look flashed in his eyes.

"Got it. I'm on it, master," Violet replied as she covered her mouth and giggled.

With one final glance at the hostages, Violet left to search for the bamboo poles.

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