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   Chapter 1192 Simulating Smell of Spiritual Soul

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"In the past I could temporarily change the aura of someone's spiritual soul.

Now with more practice, I can simulate someone else's spiritual soul aura."

Violet revealed with a smile.

"You can simulate the aura of another person's the spiritual soul!" Austin exclaimed. "That is amazing!


Although in wonder, Austin looked doubtful. He had never seen or heard of such powers.

"Let me show you." Violet volunteered.

Violet smiled mysteriously, then in deep concentration, released a mass of pink fog.

Then Violet's appearance suddenly changed.

Suddenly, the gnome appeared in front of Austin.

Austin had seen the whole changing process, so he was aware that the gnome standing in front of him was a transformation initiated by Violet using her illusion skills.

However, what surprised Austin the most was that the gnome which Violet transformed into was an identical replica of the real gnome, not only on appearance but also its aura. The aura of the beast soul was also identical.

If Austin had not seen Violet transform with his own eyes, he would have no doubt assumed that she was the real gnome.

"Ha-ha, master, I will ask the gnome to come out, and you can compare whether I simulated his likeness or not,"

Violet remarked.

Right then another gnome showed up in front of Austin in a flash.

Austin was dumbfounded. It was hard for him to tell which one of the two was the real gnome, because the two gnomes looked exactly as the other no matter, including their appearances and the aura of their beast soul.

The two gnomes looked at each other in astonishment.

"Hmm, you silly girl, don't imitate my beast soul aura!"

one of them frowned and said unhappily. He was obviously the real gnome.

The other one grinned slyly. Violet, of course was immensely enjoying herself.

"Violet, this skill is so incredible!"

Austin exclaimed in surprise. His eyes were wide open in amazement as he tried to process what he had just seen.

"Ha-ha, I told you, master. I am amazing, right?"

While she was still laughing, the pink fog appeared again and Violet transformed back to her own form.

"Yes, you are amazing. Violet, can you help me to simulate others' spiritual soul auras?"

Austin asked anxiously.

"Sure, why not.

Whose spiritual soul do you want to simulate? It must be someone you know or have come into contact with before,"

Violet explained.

"Well, how about if I try to simulate the spiritual soul of the Fire Worshiping Sect's leader? I hope it works,"

Austin was e

n of the thunder unicorn was quite unique. It supplemented its energy mainly by absorbing lightning.

Austin generally had no idea where to find the lightning energy to feed the thunder unicorn, so the power of the thunder unicorn was still at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm.

But right now there were so much lightning energy in front of him.

Austin considered for a while and tried to send a message to the queen using his spiritual sense.

He wanted to ask the queen whether the thunder unicorn would disturb her breakthrough or not, if he released the thunder unicorn to devour the lightning energy in the Thunderstroke Doom.

After a few seconds, the queen replied using the spiritual sense.

The queen indicated that she was alright, the thunder unicorn would not disturb her breakthrough but would actually help her withstand the Thunderstroke Doom.

Once he heard her words, Austin was ecstatic and instantly summoned the thunder unicorn.


The thunder unicorn roared as it flew to the center of the lightning.

Then it opened its big mouth and ceaselessly devoured the lightning energy.

The thunder unicorn adjusted quite fast. Instead of getting hurt under the thunderstruck environment, it felt like a fish in water.

After about an hour later, the lightning strikes became less and less.

Then the dark clouds slowly started scattering in the sky.

Austin then summoned the thunder unicorn to come back.

The power of thunder in the thunder unicorn was stronger than ever before. The energy of the lightning it had devoured increased its power significantly.

Austin stored the thunder unicorn back to his elixir field and then looked at the queen.

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