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   Chapter 1191 Violet Awakens The Blood Power

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By the time half the day was over, the spiritual tree had absorbed all the energy from about fifty thousand divine vital energy crystals.

Austin could feel that his spiritual sense had become more powerful.

The spiritual lake in the middle of his Soul Sea had extended to twenty-five acres. It seemed to be pulsating with energy as spiritual waves crashed into each other continuously.

The spiritual tree was more than a meter tall now. Austin anticipated that it would not be long before it grew to twice its current height.

Ever since he got the spiritual tree, Austin had always let it absorb all kinds of energy. By this process the power of his spiritual sense could be strengthened.

Austin was sure that his spiritual sense would soon be as powerful as that of the cultivators at the Primal Holy Realm now.

However, that was not enough for Austin.

During his recent battles with the Primal Holy Realm cultivators, Austin came to the realization that his spiritual sense was not powerful enough to fight and win against them.

So, he firmly decided in his heart that he was going to take out the time to cultivate his spiritual sense in the coming days.

Austin put the spiritual tree back into his Soul Sea after careful observation.

Then he made an attempt to test his spiritual sense. He released his spiritual sense to find the queen. He saw that she was still healing her wounds.

So Austin took out the Lightning Sword and began to hone his swordsmanship.

Back in the Elixir City, they were nearly killed by the cultivator at the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm. He had been very proficient at blade skills. The momentum of his attack proved to be unstoppable and was capable of destroying everything in the way. After all, he had used his level nine blade potential.

At that crucial moment when death seemed imminent, Austin and the queen had reluctantly defended themselves against the blade attack with their most powerful weapons.

Austin reflected back on his previous battles and realized that he had relied too much on the power of the Slaughtering Sword.

He had overlooked the cultivation of other martial arts skills.

Austin came to realized the weakness of his cultivation base. His also understood that magic treasure of the archaic level alone could not make him invincible.

It was the cultivation base that decided the true strength of the warriors.

Austin realized that he could never make progress if he relied too much on the magic treasure or other archaic weapons.

The reality was that Austi

e power of the tribulation beast, ''

Violet said thoughtfully.


Austin thought as he sucked in a deep breath.

He could not believe that Violet had become so much stronger than before.

The cultivation system of the ancient beings was so different from that the human race. Once they made the breakthrough, their power would take a giant exponential leap.

''Not a big deal. From the memories I inherited, I know that our race was born with the noble blood.

The brightest beings in our race could awaken fifty percent of the blood power within just a few years.

If my age is measured the way humans measure their age, I am over one hundred years old now. But I have only awakened forty percent of my blood power.

I think the reason why my awakening has been so slow is that the Prime Martial World had too little spiritual energy.

If I get the chance to cultivate in a more high-leveled realm, then I will be able to break through more quickly,"

Violet explained.

'Is it really true that the Prime Martial World is a barren place in comparison with other realms?

If I get the chance, I shall definitely go down on a visit to the other high-leveled realms and widen my horizons.'

Austin felt lost for several moments after hearing Violet's words.

''Master, now that I have made so much great progress in my illusion skills, perhaps I can help you in the upcoming battles.''

Violet smiled expectantly at Austin.

''Really? Tell me about it.''

Austin was intrigued. Illusion skill was the most unique talent possessed by the nine-tailed demon fox race.

Now that Violet had awakened her blood power, her illusion skills must have also significantly improved.

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