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   Chapter 1190 Escaping

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9133

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With all her strength and effort, the queen waved her magic fan for a dozen times and moved swiftly inside the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.


And in a split second, the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot tried to escape.


But before the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot could leave, the six great masters of the Primal Holy Realm would not let Austin get away this time. At this critical moment, the great masters exerted all of their power and gave a final strike to stop the chariot. And in an instant, six powerful waves of vital energy force were exerted by those great masters and violently struck the back of the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.


The chariot felt the blast of strong waves and was sent flipping in the air while being thrown away a thousand meters from where it started to run.

It was a heart-stopping event. The six warriors might have hit the back of the chariot, but the chariot remained unscathed and managed to escape in a flash.

It was a near death experience for all of them. Austin was overjoyed that the attack didn't do any damage to the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot at all. He was completely thankful that the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot was considered as an archaic magic treasure for it was sturdy to the core. The chariot was so powerful and tough that even though the six great masters of the Primal Holy Realm exerted a violent attack in an attempt to destroy it, it still pushed through without a scratch.

"Don't just stand there! Don't let Austin get away!"

Without hesitation, the six warriors chased the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot as fast as they could.

The six great masters were there because they were the keepers of this year's alchemy competition in the East Mainland. Austin broke into Elixir City to capture so many warriors brazenly. This humiliated them and it badly influenced the competition.

To add salt to the wound, these warriors that Austin captured were very powerful and revered by the younger generations which brought disgrace to their status.

It would be so humiliating for them if ever the news was spread out so they had no choice but to do their best and chase Austin to redeem themselves.

And as soon as the great masters of the Primal Holy Realm started to take their task to heart, they moved as fast as they could. They moved like ghosts, much like tails of shooting stars as they followed the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot's tail.

Meanwhile, inside the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot, Austin's spiritual sense tingled as he could feel the extraordinary speed of the six men who went after him. He then felt surprised at the warriors' behavior, which made him admire their courage and determination.

To supply more energy for the Dra

ws, however, made the elders of the Magic Hand Sect and the New Moon Sect extremely mad that they even hired expert warriors to chase after Austin.

The five sects, the four clans, together with the Polarity Sect, the Celestial Gate Sect and the Breeze Sect in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom all had commanded their warriors for the capture of Evan and Herbert back in the Heavy Earth City.

Eventually, Austin's revenge made him an enemy of a total of twelve sects and clans.

During that time, those sects and clans were so angry that they also arranged a search party to find and capture Austin.

As a matter of fact, nearly all the important strategic passes and roads in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom were blocked off so that they could easily corner Austin and lessen the chance of an escape.

In addition to that, many great warriors also searched for Austin inch by inch in the places where he had recently appeared and all the nearby places that he could use as a hiding spot.

Meanwhile, in a pretty beautiful mountain, the queen was doing therapy by use of evil energy in a leafy forest.

Austin had given the queen some pills which could help her recover faster.

As a matter of fact, Austin had so many kinds of high-grade pills which were made especially for regaining vital energy. But they would not do any effect on the queen for they only work on human warriors who cultivated vital energy.

As the queen rested and healed herself in the wild forest, Austin looked after her and protected her as a guardian so that no one would be able to harm her.

Meanwhile, he took out many divine vital energy crystals and let out the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea. Then, the spiritual tree began to absorb the energy and then transformed it into the power of Austin's spiritual sense force.

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